Black Sesame Ladoos

Navratri – the nine sacred nights is one of the most celebrated festivals of India. This begins from the first day (Pradhamai) after Amavasya (New Moon Day) in the month of Purattasi as it is known in Tamil. This nine days festival is essentially celebrated to worship Devi and to commemorate the victory of good over evil.
Bommai Kolu is traditionally a women’s festival that Tamilians celebrate during Dasshera. Every year, a series of steps is set up and kolu bommai or dolls are displayed. These dolls typically depict gods or village scenes and weddings, anything that interest u. This beautiful clay figurines of gods and goddesses are worshipped during Navaratri, viewing art as Divinity.
A kolu can be as simple or as elaborate as one likes. The woman of the house invites other women to come inspect the kolu, eat a few snacks, exchange a little gossip and go home with a couple of small goodies. Women traditionally exchange gifts of coconuts, clothes and sweets.
Here goes the recipe for the neivedhiyam/offering made during one of the nine-days. 

1/2 Cup Black Sesame Seed
5 tbsp jaggery
a pinch of salt (only addition, i made for that sweet-salt taste)

Wash Sesame seeds and sun dry them. 
Dry Roast and Grind them to a fine powder along with jaggery. Transfer the mixture to a plate and shape them into ladoos.
Sesame already has some fat in it, so while grinding it releases oil and so the mixture will hold form while shaping them as ladoos and no need to add ghee or any sort of fat.