Condensed Milk Rava Kesari

By Priya Srinivasan - I Camp in My Kitchen - Sunday, September 27, 2009

It was Moolam Nakshatram yesterday, Saraswathi Aavaganam (Saraswathi pooja starts fm this day). Planned to do Rava Kesari and Muparuppu Vadai. I have always tried rava kesari with sugar, thought of using Condensed milk this time.

The Kesari came out great. My son Naras  who normally doesnt like anything swwweeett actually had a small cup of kesari. I have successfully passed in this  :)  :)

Semolina/Sooji/Rava - 3/4 cup
Condensed milk - 1/2 tin (400gms full tin)
milk - 1/2 cup
water - 1 cup
Ghee - 4-5 tbsp
yellow color - a pinch

Roasted Cashew nuts &; Raisins

Take a deep-pan Roast semolina in ghee till it changes color(turns golden brown, watch and dont turn it black!!!!!!!!!!). Keep the flame low,  Add Milk and water,  add yellow color and rava allow the mixture to boil,and let rava get cooked, add milkmaid. Stir Occassionally, add ghee. When the mixture starts leaving the sides of the pan, take it off the flame.

Garnish with cashew nuts and raisins.

My Son doesnt like anything which taste more Sweet!!! (Opp. to my in-laws, they jus love to have a Sweet dish even every day!!!!) so i have made the Kesari mild in sweet. if you want more sweet, pls increase the amount of condensed milk

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