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By Priya Srinivasan - I Camp in My Kitchen - Thursday, November 19, 2009

Priya  of  Priya's Tasty and Easy Recipes) has posted this  recipe this week. Bookmarked it for trying.

I always keep stock of paneer. Made Paneer Butter Masala for Dinner yesterday. It was a Super Duper Hit. Seriously, no exaggeration, My Hubby jus loved it. Even my brother who doesnt like to have anything paneer,  had it.

Priya followed every line of Priya's Recipe, (ha, ha, ha, rhyming isn't).
I m jus posting the picture, for the recipe Check Priya's Tasty and Easy Recipe.

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  1. Priya posting/hosting Priya!! Very nice.

  2. Wow Priya...thats so nice of u yaar..thanks for trying this recipe..Happy u guys loved it..

  3. i love this gravy,really a nice one for roti and urs look delicious as well

  4. Paneer butter masala sounds yumm, good with rotis.


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