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Good Posture Starts Now!! – does posture really matters
Yes, many children are suffering from chronic pain in the hands, neck and shoulders, as well as repetitive motion injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Many of these ailments can be prevented and eliminated with proper attention to posture, correct backpack use and attention to how and how long children sit at computer stations. Poor posture can also cause bones to grow abnormally. Good Posture ensures that the least strain is placed on muscles and ligaments. Having good posture prevents muscle fatigue and backaches, decreases wear on joints, ligaments, and bones, and contribute to a good appearance.
So, what is Good Posture?
Posture is how a person holds their body when not only standing but when sitting or laying down. It requires a person to balance their muscle along their spine, have good muscle flexibility, and normal motion in the joints. Those who have good posture are aware of their posture and correct it when wrong. Posture comes from a combination of good muscle control, strength and self-confidence. Those with good posture walk and sit with their back straight, shoulders back and head high.
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What are the common posture problems?
Improper wearing of backpacks causes many back problems in children. Children, who spend a lot of time at the computer, watching television, or playing video games, often have poor posture. Slouching while walking or eating is also common.
What is proper backpack use?
Make sure that your child backpack weighs no more than 10% of his/her body weight. Make sure that your child’s backpack does not hang more than four inches below the waist. If it does, tighten the straps. Also it is important to use both straps. Although not cool it prevents neck and back pain.
What if my child slouches while using or viewing media?
If your child slouches while using the computer, providing desk and chair of the right size would be one of the ideal posture correctors. Their feet should touch the floor, Have them put their back against the chair and use a pillow if extra support is needed. If they use an adult chair give them a stool for their feet and support their back with pillows. Children should sit in fro t of a video game or television for n o more than 20 minutes at most. Then your child should take a walking break.
How to teach my child good posture?
Be a good example: Demonstrate good and bad posture. Point out people who have good posture comment on when your posture is good or bad.
Remind: If your child is slouching remind your child to stand up straight and put her shoulders back as an important posture corrector.
Make it a game: Start off by asking your children who can sit slouched? Who can sit tall? To practice sitting slouched, round the back as much as possible and let the chest sink. To practice sitting tall, rock the pelvis forward and lift the chest up. This posture corrector teaches the child to recognize the difference between good and bad posture, without labeling good or bad. This helps them learn how to control their posture automatically.
Imagine a balloon is lifting you up: It isn’t always easy to explain what good posture is, so ask the child to imagine their heads being lifted by a balloon. Then describe how the balloon rises up and pulls their bodies up but does not lift their feet off their ground. Most kids know that balloons fly up into the air and can imagine themselves being lifted up. This helps them straighten up without having to know what good posture is.
Article Source : Emirates Parent Plus