My PumpGrins

By Priya Srinivasan - I Camp in My Kitchen - Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Carved this Pumpgrin for DK's Show me your pumpgrin event.So sogams, i couldnt post it for the event. :(

Actually bought a normal pumpkin for carving this, then only i came to know that v have specific jack-o-lantern pumpkins for this. oops!!!! my ignorance!!!! Its ok, carving came out well.

i used normal kitchen tools,  Knife, Screw Driver and a marker.

Drew the design on the pumpkin using marker and carved it with knife and screw driver. Used a unwanted lipstick for the makeup!!!!

As DK said, the only mess was to scoop out the seeds fm inside. eeeeeeeehhhhhhhhh!!!!
But it was all fun, enjoyed doing this.
Have a look.

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  1. I know I am so late in replying - somehow just missed your comment. They look beautiful priya and I am so glad you enjoyed trying them out this year! It was a first time for us too. I have included your pumpgrins here



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