My Kid's Dinner Tantrum

My Little Angel Narasimhan, he is going to be 4 this june. Day before yesterday night dinner, i made Rasam (pepper water) saadam. He normally has the habit of peeping into the rice bowl to check what rice i going give him, when he saw rasam saadam in his bowl, thats it he started to cry out loud and say “No Amma, no Rasam saadam”. I was bit surprised to see him behave this way, coz he never used to demand anything like this. I said i made only rasam da, so you pls have it today.
A Stubborn “NO” came the answer. Next, i asked him what else do you want? mmmm Muruganka Sambar (Drumstick sambar),. Oh ho, where will I go now and get Sambar, Its already his dinner time. I tried to pacify him saying i will make him tomorrow. No, He wasnt ready to accept it.
Poor Mommy!!!! Suddenly came the thought of Grand Sweets Vethakozhambu thokku. Made Rice with that thokku added a big spoon of Ghee. All this time my kiddo was standing behind me and checking whether i m making new rice or doing some adjustments to Rasam Saadam. When he a saw a new bowl with his Sambar(Thokku) saadam he was happy and had his dinner.
When i told my hubby what happened, he started smiling, that proud smile of a Father!!!! My Son is growing, so better dont do all the samalifications what you do with me, was the answer.
I too was feeling a bit proud and at the same time konjam sad, seeing my son is growing, soon he will start to have his own set of everything, Mommy will become a bit lonely.. Suddenly his first day of school came to my mind, i was jus thinking he is going to throw a big cry while getting into his school bus and i was rehearsing how to handle that, But @ the end, he waved me Bye with a Big smile on his face and i was the one Crying cing my son going to school. 🙁 .  I think this happens with every Mom. Kids Grow up very very fast!!! But we as parents remain the same.