Sago Murukku/Sagu Biyyam Murukku - ICC Challenge for March

By Priya Srinivasan - I Camp in My Kitchen - Thursday, April 15, 2010

Murukku's are always my Favourite. The Palin Muruku, Mullu Muruku, Amma's Kai Murukku, mmm yum, yum!!! Thanks to Srivalli for introducing me (us) to another favourite in this line. After reading the story of Fire Crackers from Srivalli, was a bit tensed!!! So, I Planned to try only half the measure mentioned by Srivalli in ICC post and was ready with a big lid and stood away after pressing the murukku in the oil.Thank God, no Fire Crackers, Murukku's came out well.

1 cup Rice flour
1/4 cup Besan
1/4 cup Fried Gram Flour
1/4 Cup Sago
 Salt to taste
Chilli powder as per taste
Buttermilk to soak Sago, (i used a little more than 1/4 cup)

Soak Sago in Buttermilk for 3 hrs. Now here, i soaked it for 4 hrs and then i grinded it along with the buttermilk (Lataji's Hint). Mixed all the flours and this Buttermilk Sago, added salt and chilli powder. Added 2-3tbsp of Hot oil and made a dough. But my dough was a bit loose than the Chapathi dough, May be i added some extra ButterMilk, Not sure of this too!!!! Tension Level increased a bit More!

Heat oil in Deep Pan and using Murukku achu press down the murukku in the hot oil. I made Small Swirly Murukku.  Cook Well in Medium Heat and Drain on a Paper Towel.

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  1. Has a perfect golden colour :) I am also scraed of the firecracker part and thankfully no accidents too in my kitchen :)

  2. I like the swirly effect you have given the murukus very original.Lovely and crispy too.

  3. Oh Priya romba tension aytinga pola irruke...Hope u enjoyed making them...crispy murukkus looks prefect...loved ur swirl murukkus..

  4. i did the same thing and they came out pretty nice :) urs look yummy

  5. Sagoo murukku super...Nice nice shape u got.Very cripy also.

  6. I didn't have any fire crackers either...

  7. Priya,
    Muruku looks really good.


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