Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tamil New Year Special - Mango Pachadi and Mupparuppu Vadai

Wishing you all A very Happy Tamizh New Year and a Very Happy Vishu. Made some Mango Pachadi and Mupparuppu Vada for Swamy Neivedhiyam. Mango pachadi is a traditional dish made for Tamizh New Year.It will be a mixture of Sweet,Sour,Spice and we even put Neem flower while doing the seasoning. so its a combination of all taste, symbolising that life is a Balanced Mixture of Everything.

2 medium sized Raw Mangoes
Equal amount of jaggery
Salt a pinch

Turmeric a pinch
1 tsp mustard seeds
1-2 tsp oil
2 nos red chilli
2 tsp dried neem flower

Wash and cube the mangoes. In a pan Add water, salt and cook the mangoes until soft, when the mangoes are cooked add Jaggery and cook until the jaggery mixes well and starts thickening.

Take it off the flame. In another wok, add oil, splutter mustard seeds, add turmeric and red chillies and Neem Flower, fry it a bit and add it to the cooked Mango Pachadi. Enjoy

3 Lentils Vada or the Muparuppu Vada
This Vada is made durinng most of the festivities as it is considered Subham (Good Luck).
2 tbsp Gram Dal/Chana Dal
2 tbsp urad Dal
1 tbsp Tuvar Dal
1/2 tsp moong dal
2 tbsp Grated Carrots
2 green chillies
hing a pinch
2 sprigs of curry leaves
salt to taste

Soak the lentils in water for half an hour. Drain the excess water and grind a together to a coarse paste. Transfer it to a bowl and add curry leaves, grated carrots,hing and add salt and mix well.

Heat oil in a pan and make small patties of the mixture and deep fry them in batches, drain on a paper towel and enjoy with some sambar.


  1. pachadi luks yummy...Mupparru vadai,super.nice combo...

  2. Wow.. both are looks delicious.. drop in at my site whenever.. following you

  3. happy tamil New Year yummy vadais and delicious pachadi.

  4. Pachadi and vada makes me hungry...yummmy!!

  5. Yummy looking chutney and vadai. I wish, I had it now in my plate :)

  6. mmm yummy sapita maadiri oru aanandam :)

    great dear.... keep going like kinetic V2222222222............. VROOM VROOM poikite irukum


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