Shall i call it the Hot n cold Salad!!!!

My Weight hit a plateau last week. I was a bit surprised i have just started to lose, how come so soon a plateau!!!! My dietician advised to check my Thryoid levels, tested and it was under good control. Then she put me under no-carb diet* for  2 days!!!! No Chapthis, No Rice, was allowed to have Lentils, Lot of Veggies and Fruits. 
I made this salad for my Lunch, Why the name hot n cold, i have added some raw mangoes, which is a bit of heat and Cucumber which is the other extreme of that!!! Leave the Name, Trust me,  the salad was divine!!!

2 sides of one Raw Mango(KiliMooku/thothapuri Mango)
1 cucumber
5-6 nos baby carrots
2 leaves of lettuce
Salt to taste
Hot Sauce for dressing

Wash and Chop the Given ingredients, Mix salt and Sauce and Toss well. Enjoy!!!!
Tried the same salad for Dinner with a handful of Boiled Chickpeas, without raw mango!!!! It was very much filling, you can include this salad as part of your Lunch to reduce rice intake!!! You wont feel eating less!!!!

And about my weight i have started losing again, though its a bit slow, but still happy that something is happening!!! 🙂

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*note: Check with your Doctor/Dietician before venturing on any diet