Sunday, May 30, 2010

Veggie Rawa Idly

Weekend Mornings are Lazy Mornings. We need something Filling, tasty, healthy and @ the same time Quick breakfast Idea to KickStart the day. Here's one such Quickie Breakfast Recipe!!!! Steaming Hot Hot Rawa Idlies with a Spicy Chutney!!

2 cups of Rawa/Sooji/Semolina
2 cups of Sour Yoghurt,Whisked
1 tsp of Eno Fruit Salt
Salt to taste

For Seasoning
2 tsp oil
1 tsp Mustard Seeds
1 cup Mixed Veggies (i used frozen)
2 Green Chillies, finely Chopped
1 tsp Ginger juliennes
2 sprigs Curry leaves
hing a pinch

Heat 1 tsp of oil in a pan and Roast the Semolina, until it gives out a nice aroma, Watch the flame. Mix the Roasted Semolina with the Yoghurt and Salt. If the batter is too thick you can add little more yoghurt or Water.  I normally use Thick Buttermilk instead of Yoghurt. 
Heat oil in a pan and Splutter mustard seeds, add Green chillies, hing and ginger and saute for a minute. Then add Mixed veggies and saute for 3-4 minutes. Add this to the Rawa-Yoghurt Batter, Mix well. Now add the fruit salt to the batter and mix well. Let it sit for 5 minutes. 
Grease the Idly plates and Pour the batter into the moulds and steam cook for 10 minutes in a slow flame.
When done, Take it out of the steamer, Give it a minuute to cool and then unmould. Enjoy with any Spicy Chutney!!!! We Enjoyed it with some Mint Coconut Chutney.


  1. Hy Priya,
    Wat a colourful n tempting rawa to taste with spicy idly powder...awesome recipe

  2. Looks do healthy and delicious

  3. Rawa idly!looks really good,lovely colour and nice adding veggies!

  4. Priya idly looks very gud..I love the colour..bookmarked it

  5. Rawa idlya pakkura pothey yeduthu saapidanam pola irruku..soo cute and tempting..

  6. Quickfix rawa idly, I am smiling back at the smiley on one of your naturally formed by the curry leaf and mustard.

  7. They look so colourful and yummy !!!

  8. Wow, Priya, they look lovely. It is almost my preparation, just that I don't add turmeric powder.

  9. Thank you friends for those wonderful encouraging comments.
    @Priya(yallapantula) Mitharwal i havent added turmeric, its the sauted veggies and roasted rawa giving this color!!!!


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