This Story Came out as an article in Friday – Weekly Magazine that comes with Gulf News Newspaper @ UAE. My Hubby took efforts to type this and mail me. Thanks Vaasu!!!
The Story
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The husband has really done it now. The man has lost seven kgs in four weeks.
I would never try to take personal credit for the husband’s success, but I might mention that I had talked to him recently (several hundred times actually) about heart attack risks.
I talked to him about the danger of packing on weight around the middle, about the fact that he works outside a lot sweating in the heat and humidity, lugging heavy equipment, and about the fat contnent of ice cream and cheese.
Was it was my nagging that motivated him? No. He decided to knock off some weight before his high school reunion.
You want to know how he did it, right? Well, for a small weekly fee, a special weight-loss supplement called El Placebo, and a DVD of me carping about weight loss, just send a blank cheque and I’ll tell you.
Just kidding, I’ll tell you right now: He’s a man. That’s how he lost weight – men lose weight more easily than women. A man thinks, “I’m going to lose weight now,” and two kgs drop to the floor.
A woman thinks, “I’m going to lose weight now,” and her phone rings. She is asked to make brownies for a social function and dutifully agrees to do so.
She goes into the kitchen, mixes up brownie batter and licks the beater, hoping that no one is watching. She pours the batter into the pan and wipes the spatula clean with her finger, which goes directly into her mouth. She is about to wash the mixing bowl, but sees traces of batter clinging to the slides. Waste not, want not.
Thirty-five minutes later, she takes the brownies out of the oven. They look good, but they would look even better iced. She mixes up that fabulous recipe for chocolate icing which is printed on the back of a cocoa can. She has no choice but to repeatedly test the frosting for consistency.She ices the brownies and thinks what they could really use are some chopped nuts. And toasted coconut. She tests the nuts for freshness and coconut for toastedness.
The brownies look nice in the pan but she decides they would look superb on a platter. She cuts them into serving portions, gathering excess iced brownie with each drag of the knife. This brownie excess is dpeosited on a small plate for someone else to enjoy, but she devours it herself within seconds.
And then disaster strikes. Two brownies break on their way out of the pan. Since the brownies are broken, each piece is no smaller than a regular serving, meaning the calories are smaller, too, so she eats those as well.
The next morning the woman steps on the scale and screams, “Men! They have it so easy!” And that is how the husband lost weight – because he is a man and not a woman.
I refuse to believe it had anything to do with the fact that he cut out all eating between meals, ate smaller portion sizes, reduced the many glasses of milk he dran each day and eliminated all desserts with the exception of 45 calorie frozen fruit bars.
Believe whatever you want. Just dont ask me to make brownies. GAINING THOSE BROWNIE POINTS – sounding off in this Friday.
Story Ends:
This is from my Hubby  “Sorry Priya, I know that it is difficult to lose weight being in the kitchen, this article reinforces that. All the Very best.”
Being in the Kitchen, It is a bit tough to stay on your diet, but it isn’t impossible. Saying that, i haven’t checked my weight for the past 2 months 🙂 I m a bit scared!!!!!