A Beautiful Day

I was invited by my Kid’s Class teacher to  demonstrate  sandwich making and to tell about the goodness of eating Veggies to the kids. Now, cooking for kids and that too stressing the important of veggies, a bit tough task!!!!! That too, when you have to steal veggies, change their look and disguise them, so your own kid, doesn’t find out that mama has put those veggies in his lunch box!!!!! πŸ™‚
So, What to do!!!! I headed straight to Little Food Junction!!! yes, Smita Srivastava’s Little Food Junction, where you can have  a healthy feast for your eyes too!!! she has a great blog, food thoughtfully presented to kids!!! Please  Visit her blog for lots and lots of Yummy, Delicious and also Beautiful Food especially for Kids πŸ™‚

I was asked to bring some sandwiches for the kids and to make some and show them in the class, so they can go home and pester their mama to do the same!!!!  

Trial Run the previous Day!!!Smiley
 Fish and a Christmas tree with lettuce, choco chips
almond slices!!!!

I made some Peas-Corn Sandwich for the class. A quickie snack to make, All you need is

Boiled Peas and Corn

Remove the crust from the bread, cut them into four squares, Cut the cheese too into four. Take a bread square, place a cheese slice and a spoon of peas-corn, add a dash of pepper and close it with another bread square. Tadaaa!!! Sandwich is ready!!! Easy to Pick and easy to eat for the KIDS!!!!!

I made a slice for them in the class and asked a kid to taste it, said a little prayer and asked him “how is it?” He gave a big smile and said Good!!!! OMG!! Real Test of my Life!!!!

Then came the highlights/headlines of Sandwich Day!!!! LFJ’s Zoo Sandwiches, featuring Fish, Dog and Traffic Light!!!
Doggy Sandwich with carrots and black grapes for the eyes
Almond nose, Carrot peel for the mush/lips and a cucumber for the mouth!!!!
Fish Sandwich, with Cucumber and Grapes for the eyes, Carrots,
peas and corn for the body and Cucumber Fin!!!!

Traffic Light, with Apple, Nectarine and Cucumber
and a blob of Nutella Spread!!!!
Smita has actually used Black Olives for the eyes of Dog and Fish, i have used Black Grapes here!!!! 
I clicked these photos at the last minute, i have asked his class teacher for more snaps, with the kids. once they come, i will load them too!!!
Thanks a ton Smita, for sharing great ideas for pleasing the tough-to impress masters of every home!!!!!
Picture courtesy : WWW

It was a great experience, seeing all the lil ones, smiling broad when the sandwiches took shape of the fav pets,  the memories of which i will cherish for a long time!!!!