Poha/Rice Flakes Aloo Poori/Roti

This again, another version of my Kids Favourite Poori. He can survive all 6 days of his school with this Poori as his Lunchbox/Snack Box Menu!!!!! I try to vary the taste a bit So, that I can steal something Nutritious in to his menu and at the same time , doesn’t disturb his taste of Poori!!!!

1/2 cup Wheat Flour
1/2 cup Brown Rice Flakes/Brown Poha
A Small Potato, Cooked & Mashed
Salt to taste
Water and Oil to Make the Dough
Oil for frying the Poori

Soak the Brown Rice Flakes/Poha in Water for a minute or two and make it Soft. Take the Wheat flour, Mashed Potato and Soft Poha in a large Bowl and Mix them well with your hands, Without adding water, all the three ingredients should come together well as a sticky mass, now add little water and oil and make it a soft chapathi dough. If you want, you can add Chilli Powder/Green Chillies, Coriander Powder/leaves to make it a bit spicier, since i was making this for my Kid, i didn’t add any Spice!!!! 

Let the dough rest for 10 minutes. Divide the dought, roll them out as discs and Deep Fry as Poori’s. Alternatively you can also cook them on a Hot Tava/Griddle as Chapathi/Roti’s. The Remaining Dough can be Refrigerated and used later!!!! I was Waiting for any complaints in the afternoon!!, but thankfully, None Came!!! So, definitely it was a Hit!!! Try these Poori/Roti Variations and let me Know how did you like it!!
Sending this to Healthy Recipe Hunt – Aval/Rice Flakes/Poha, happening @ Kurinji Kathambam.