Vermicelli Kheer/Semiya Paayasam - Microwave Version and My 200th Post

By Priya Srinivasan - I Camp in My Kitchen - Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hooray!!!!! Its my 200th Post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thought i would be doing this somewhere mid-april, but lot of things got in between. Shifted to a new house, Packing, unpacking, then My Laptop broke-down,i got it back last week. Adding to all these, last Thursday My Darling Kuttu got hurt, while taking steam for his Cold. The Steamer toppled and hot water spilled on his lap, and God!!!! the skin peeled off!!!! Rushed him to Doc, thankfully,it was a superficial Burn, but still needed dressing!!!! Its healing slowly now!!!! 
Actually i was planning to bake something for this post. But, then kuttu loves this kheer/Payasam, he calls it noodles payasam!!! So, made this for today's Neivedhiyam(Offering to God). 

3 Cups Milk (I used Low Fat)
3 tbsp Roasted Vermicelli/Semiya (I used MTR Brand)
5 tbsp Sugar
2  pods of Cardamom Crushed
A pinch of saffron  (Optional), Crushed in-between your palms 

2 tbsp almond flakes
some cashews 
1 tsp of Ghee

In a Microwave-Safe Deep Bowl, take the milk and Set it @ high for 4 minutes. My MW takes approx 4 minutes to boil this quantity of milk. So, set your's accordingly.
Once the milk Boils, add the vermicelli, give it a stir and cook @ high for 5 minutes. Stirring for every 1 minute.By this time the Vermicelli must have cooked well. If not, Cook @ high for 2 more minutes. Next add sugar and Saffron , and Cook @ medium for 3 more minutes. Take it out of the Microwave. 
In another Microwave-Proof  Flat Pan, Add a tsp of ghee and the almond flakes and cashews, and cook @ high for 4 minutes, Stirring it for every 1 minute. Add the roasted nuts to the Kheer, Stir well and Serve Warm.

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  1. Congrats on your 200th post. Payasam looks so inviting..

  2. Congratulations on ur 200th post and a perfect way to celebrate with semiya paayasam.

  3. Congrats on your 200th post and wish to see many more from you. Glad to see you back and hope your little son feels better soon

  4. Delicious and tempting favorite.

  5. Hope your son feels better now..
    Congrats on your milestone.. a payasam is a perfect way to celebrate!!
    Event: Serve It-Chilled

  6. I love sweets. Micro version makes it cook faster.
    Show and Tell

  7. Congratulations Priya on the milestone achieved. good to see you are back and this is my alltime favourite payasam. Looks creamy and delicious.

  8. OMG sad to hear abt your son's accident..I hope and pray that he recovers soon. I can understand that house shifting is not easy ..did myself just few months back.
    Btw the noodle payasam is my daughter's fav too.

  9. looks super gorgeous and irresistible.

  10. Yummy......never made kheer in a microwave. A definite must try!!!!

  11. Congrats Priya for ur 200th post, kheer looks rich and yummy..

    Hope kuttu is doing well..take care of him..

  12. Congrats on 200th post dear. Well done and a great and delicious payasam :)

  13. Vermicilli payasam looks so yummy. Congrats on the 200th post.


  14. congrats paysam is looking delicious

  15. 200th post, great, my fav too, yumm

  16. Congrats on your 200th post! You have come a long way! I look forward to 200 more delicious posts :)


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