About Me

I m Priya Srinivasan, the camper in this Kitchen ­čÖé┬á
I live in Sharjah, UAE with my Hubby and my 2 Lil Devils, my guinea pigs and also critics. I m a Teacher by profession. Decided to be a stay at home Mom after my first kid.

Growing up in Chennai, yes, i m a proud┬áChennai-ite. Back then, i would enter kitchen only┬áto eat. But being a first born, couldn’t escape it more, i was forced to learn little chores in the kitchen. So, when i reached college, i know basic cooking and could┬ásurvive, Mom gone out days without starving.

During my career days, i stayed with my aunt. That is where i learned proper cooking. 
After marriage, this little interest of mine, grew manifold. My Hubby is a great foodie. Not only him, his whole family till date, are ardent Foodies! My Father-in-law is a good cook. They not only cook good food, but also appreciate it. If they taste amazing food cooked by some Third person, they would immediately appreciate him/her for that dish. At the same time, a terrible dish, that would also be conveyed.This interest in food,  made me try and cook more interesting recipes around the world.
I started by collecting recipes from magazine, there is lots of cut-out papers still in my cupboard! Slowly started collecting cookbooks and experiment. I wanted to record what i m doing, ┬áso, tada, Enveetu Kitchen was born(My blog’s old name). Later, to get more wider audience i changed my blog name from Enveetu Kitchen to I Camp in my Kitchen.
Now recently(for the past 6 months), i have developed a keen interest in Bread Baking. The aroma of freshly baked bread is something that makes me more thrilled than anything else.This blog is my Food diary, something i cherish doing. I m a Happy person in the Kitchen. ┬áMy Happiness reflects in what i cook! So, my people try to keeping me that way always!!! ­čÖé
Next to food, Photography is growing on me! There is so many things beautiful around us, i feel like having a camera 24 x 7 around my neck and keep clicking. And this interst keep me wanting to read and learn more about it everyday.  I m an Avid Instagram-er too! If you are on instagram, you can find me here.
So, this is me, in short! If you have any question on recipes or want to request a recipe or want to contact me for Product/Book Reviews, feel free to contact me Vaasupriya@gmail.com
Have a great day, Keep Cooking and Enjoy Good Food!!
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