Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Aval Paniyaram/Rice Flakes Sweet Paniyaram/Dumpling

Rice Flakes not only make Fluff, Soft Dosa's, they too make fluffy, tasty Kuzhipaniyarams. It is somewhat the same measurement as that of dosa, but with a Sweet twist!!!! 

1 Cup Raw Rice
1 Cup Rice Flakes/Flattened Rice
3/4 Cup Powdered Jaggery
1 tsp Cardamom powder
1/2 tsp Baking Soda

  •  Soak Rice and Rice Flakes separately for an hour. Rice Flakes must be immersed in water, don't add too much water.
  • Drain the water from rice, Rice flakes must have absorbed all the water. 
  • Grind Rice, Rice Flakes in a Mixer without adding water, water in the Rice Flakes is enough. 
  • Next add Powdered jaggery and Cardamom to the Rice-Rice Flakes batter and Grind again.
  • Take the batter in a bowl and add Baking Soda and Give a brisk stir. 
  • Heat the Kuzhipaniyaram Pan, fill little Ghee in the holes of the pan, then pour a spoonful of  batter in each hole. 
  • Cook both sides in a low flame and Serve Warm.

Rice Flakes Paniyaram are very delicate so be very gentle while flipping in the pan and taking them out of the pan.


  1. I've always made kozhupaniyaram only with leftover idli batter. Lovely recipe bookmarked.

  2. I love these little bites..wonderful!!

  3. i make this often.Your's look very crispy and nice

  4. I like paniyaram, but never tried it... Will try this soon...

  5. A nice variation, Priya. The appam looks very soft and delicious.

  6. THe paniyarams look really yummy!

  7. You got a beautiful color for your paniyarams

  8. they look super cute priya :).. i just want to grab a few right away.. sweet version i am game anytime!

    Ongoing Event : I'm The Star

  9. Sweet version will be a hit with the kids for sure...


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