Creamy Oats Porridge

For the Last day of Marathon, i m revisiting a recipe, for which i never posted a picture. Oh yeah, you read right, a Food blog post without a Picture.
Another Healthy Breakfast Option, Oats Porridge. I make sure, we have it atleast once in a week. Topped with Cinnamon and handful of raisins, a Food full of Nutrients and Energy needed for that Morning Rush!!!!
1/2 Cup Milk
1/2 Cup Water
3-4 tbsp of Oats
2 tsp Brown Sugar
a generous pinch of Cinnamon
few raisins and toasted nuts for garnishing (optional)

  •  Boil Milk and water together in a pan.
  • Add Oats, reduce the flame and cook. It take 2-3 minutes maximum for the oats to cook.
  • When done, Add Sugar, Mix well and Take it off the stove.
  • Top it with Cinnamon and Raisins, Serve Warm.