Trifle Pudding

It is Summer Vacation for my Kiddo, Poor fellow is getting so damn bored sitting @ home. Since we are not going to India this time, he is even more bored with the thought of not going to vacation, He Keeps saying “All my Friends have gone for vacation, why am i still in sharjah?” Poor Mommy and Daddy are tired of explaining him the reason why? Two of my friends too had a baby this time, he compares me with them saying “Amma you Lost the race, that aunty won the race by giving Shrisha(name of their daughter) first”? Now come on tell me, how to handle this guy? 
Apart from this, another big thing is to keep him happy with Food. It is so damn hot here, even @  9 in the night, we get a super hot breeze of Air. Keeping kids hydrated is one big task.I try to give him some fresh fruits to keep the body cool. Now to make a kid eat Fruits, hope you all understand the work involved!!!!!! This recipe of Trifle Pudding, i came across @ Food Food channel program Budget Kitchen. Loved the Simplicity of the recipe and all the healthy ingredients involved. A Definite Kid Please recipe. Try it, you will definitely Love it and make it often!!!

200gms Whipping Cream
2 tbsp of Brown Sugar

2 slices of Vanilla Sponge Cake/Chocolate Sponge Cake, Cut into cubes

1 tsp Vanilla Essence (optional)

For Custard
1 tbsp Custard powder  + 1 tbsp Water
1/2 Cup Water

Fruit Basket
1 Apple, Cored, Chopped
1 Mango, Chopped
1 Medium-sized Peach, Deseeded, Chopped
1/2 Cup Pomegranate Pearls 
Maraschino Cherries, for Garnish
To Make Custard
  • Mix Custard Powder with water and make a mixture without any lumps.
  • Boil 1/2 Cup of Water in a pan, when it starts to boil, reduce the flame, Add the custard mix to it and keep stirring with a whisk. Let it cook for 5 minutes, keep stirring, as it reaches the gooey consistency with a wonderful glaze on top. By this time, the custard would have thickened well to a jelly form. take it off the flame.
  • Making Custard with water, this might sound different for some, but this definitely gives a wonderful glaze to the custard. This too i learnt from another TV Program.

To Make the Trifle Pudding
  • In a Deep Bowl, Add whipping Cream and sugar and using a Blender,  blend for 5-8 minutes. The cream will start forming stiff peaks. 
  • To this Whipped Cream, add chopped fruits, Prepared Custard, Pomegranate pearls, Sponge Cake and Mix well. 
  • If adding Vanilla Essence, add now and Mix well.
  • Fill in Small Ice-cream Bowls and garnish with some maraschino cherries and pomegranate pearls and Serve.
The Pudding is not very sweet, i didn’t want to spoil the natural sweetness of the fruits by adding Sugar. The Pudding can be cling-wrapped and stored for 2 days, if it stays that long!!!! I made a Big Bowl of 4-5 servings, shared some with my neighbor and the rest my kiddo and hubby devoured the same day!!!!! Tummy Happy and Mommy too Happy Happy!!!!!

Sending this to Kids Delight – Evening Snacks, happening @ Cooks Joy, Event by Srivalli