Minty Cucumber Idly Sandwich

By Priya Srinivasan - I Camp in My Kitchen - Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Last day of this week BM : Sandwich without using bread!!! When i picked up this theme, i surely didn't know it would be a bit tough to tweak. But totally loved the way i strained my pea brain to come out with ideas that would not only look good, but be appreciated and enjoyed by my family. Thanks to valli for challenging us with themes like these !!!
For the last day, here i m with a sandwich from the humble idly. Idly, a South-indian Rice Cake, Loved by Many. But has that many haters too, especially kids!!! Nothing bores them down, like a Idly on a busy Morning!!! That too when the idly is not as fluffy as it should be. Yup, today morning breakfast, didnt turn out that good, i might have added too much water to the batter, my idlies came out little flat. My Kiddo already doesn't refer idlies, What to do, I had different plan for sandwich, but then changed the idea and made these cute filling idly sandwiches!!! Needless to stay, I literally locked the room to finish clicking pictures!!!

4 Laddles of Idly Batter to Make 4 Idlies
Tomato-Chilly Sauce for serving
few mint leaves for garnishing

Minty Cucumber Spread
1 Cucumber
1/2 Cup Hung Yogurt
Salt to taste
To Grind
Handful of Mint leaves
1 green chili
a small piece of ginger

To Make Hung Yogurt
Take 3/4th cup of Yogurt in a Tea Strainer and Keep it on top of a bowl and leave it for an hour aside. The Whey would collect in the bowl below the strainer. 
The Yogurt would be thick like ice-cream, use the hung yogurt as per the recipe.

To Make Minty Cucumber Spread
  • Grind the Ingredients given under "To Grind" to a coarse paste.
  • Wash, Peel and Chop the cucumber into small pieces. Take it in a bowl, add coarsely ground masala, add hung yogurt and Salt. Mix well.
To assemble the sandwich
  • Using a Idly steamer, Steam Cook  4 Idlies. Let it cool, umould it and take it on a plate.
  • Make a horizontal slit on the idly, like a burger bun. But do not cut into 2 slices. Make a Slit, so you can open n close the idly.
  • Spread 2 spoonfuls of Minty Cucumber spread on the idly. Close. 
  • Spread a blob of Tomato-Chilly Sauce, Garnish with mint leaves and Serve Immediately.
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  1. very nice and innovative idea behind a idli....very creative too...
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  2. innovative recipe, they look so pretty :) nice idea dear

  3. Looks tempting n delicious... Awesome clicks

  4. Seriously you guys rocked with this theme, every sandwich you have for this theme are seriously mindblowing,very innovative and healthy..Good work priya.

  5. This is really innovative idea with idly. Yumm.

  6. I love the combo of hung curd and cucumbers..makes a wonderful filling, but Priya next time you can try grating the cucumber..instead of chopping...

  7. Very creative recipe, apt for the warm days.

  8. Very tempting and interesting recipe

  9. A very fresh dish.. looks really nice, and the filling is so tempting..

  10. What a delicious idea!The clicks are so nice..

  11. What an innovation. When reading that topic nothing stricken my mind. You girls are great. Nice idea need to try.

  12. The idlies look so cute! very interesting recipe :)

  13. Now Iam stuggling with this theme becaus eI took this for my 4th weeks theme.. That filling with mint curd and cucumber makes this sandwich so refreshing nice combo priya.

  14. Wow such an innovative dish..... Cant imagine we can come up with soo many sandwiches without using bread.......

  15. I have just begun to appreciate the hung curd ..I bet these minty sandwiches will disappear from the kid's plates!!

  16. Very nice idea. Idly with the mint spread should be yum! Presentation looks cute.

  17. Wow, what an innovative idli sandwich. I usually love idli curd combination. This spicy curd makes it so delicious...

  18. these look so cute Priya! esp with that tiny blob of ketchup on top :)

  19. Wow.. Those idlis look fabulous. Love the filling.

  20. another wonderfully unique non-sandwich!

  21. That's really a cool one Priya, I enjoyed all your creations..

  22. cool idea, idli and cucumber's freshness with the softness of idli

  23. wow the delicious sandwiched Idli!!! picture perfect!!
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