Nutella Roti Sandwich

Sandwich, immediately your mind pictures something stuffed inside Bread or spread on top of bread. But Srivalli, thought different and asked to make some sandwiches without using bread. Yup, second week of Blogging Marathon, i will be doing Sandwiches without bread. The first thing, i made was our Nutella chapathi which is a quickfix Breakfast, when i have leftover Roti/Chapathi.
Instead of having plain nutella, l have made it a weeny bit healthy my stuffing kids-favorite Banana. Want to add some more drama, include a bit of cheese n toast. Enjoy breakfast, with no Cooking!!!

4 nos Chapathi/Roti 
3 tbsp Nutella/Peanut Butter
1 Small Banana (Cut into Slices)(I used 1/2 Philippines Banana)
1 Cheese Slice (Optional) See notes

  • Spread Nutella/Peanut Butter on one Roti/Chapathi. 
  • Place 2/3 Slices of Banana, Place 1/2 Slice of Cheese and Close with another Roti.
  • Squeeze a blob of Whipping Cream and Serve Immediately.
  • If you are making this sandwich for kids especially, then i would suggest making small shapes using cookie cutters or atleast small coin-size roti and do the sandwich.
  • When using Left-over Roti/Chapathi, Warm it and Make the sandwich
  • If serving immediately, then add cheese, toast and serve warm. If packing for School Snack Box, I omit the cheese.  
  • Adding cheese is purely optional, It gives a Sweet-Salt taste to the sandwich, Not many Prefer that taste. So Add/Omit accordingly.
  • You can replace banana with Apples or Make a Fruit Salad of Apple,Banana and Pomo and Make this sandwich.
Sending this to Healthy Food for Healthy Kids – Sandwich,  happening @ Jaleela’s Space, Event by Nithu

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