Spiced Buttermilk/Neer Mor - Perfect Coolant for Summer

By Priya Srinivasan - I Camp in My Kitchen - Sunday, May 12, 2013

The main concern during Summer is keeping ourselves hydrated. With the type of Climate here, we have Sand Storm and Dry Day many times in Summer. As Adults, we know how to manage,  But Kids, even the small Water bottle you put  to school everyday, comes back half-full. 
Recently Kuttu got affected with Urinary Infection. The Cause being not drinking enough water/fluids. The Doctor is a Good friend of us and knows kuttu very well. So, he spoke to kuttu and advised him to drink water regularly and drink lots of  fluids/juices/thin buttermilk whenever possible. After listening to him, kuttu now drinks water properly, Never say No to fruits/Fruit juices.
I tried this Spiced Buttermilk/Neer Mor for him, he loved it. If your kid prefers you can even add HALF A GREEN CHILI to this quantity and Serve it chill.

Ingredients : Makes One Glass
1/2 Cup Thick Buttermilk/Whisked Curd, CHILLED
1/2 Cup Water
handful of Fresh Coriander leaves, finely Chopped
1/4tsp ginger julienne 
1/4 tsp hing
Salt to taste
  • Take all the ingredients into a blender and blend until frothy. Serve immediately. 
  • If your kiddo doesn't prefer floaty things in his/her drink, then first grind coriander and ginger in a Mixer, then take it to the blender along with other ingredients.
  • Incase serving for adults, you can add half a green chili to the above quantity of ingredients and blend.
Sending this to Kids Delight - 5 ingredient Fix, hosted by Pavani, Event by Srivalli

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  1. that is thirst quenching.... so refreshing..
    Event - WTML w giveaway

  2. its a real thirst quencher n affordable too...

  3. I love the picture..looks very nice..

  4. Looks super refreshing, love mor so much, the best drink for this scorching summer..

  5. Look this during summer very refreshing .

  6. refreshing soothing and perfect for summer.

  7. Thirst quencher and refreshing too

  8. What a refreshing and delicious summer drink..

  9. We never leave our house these days without this :)

  10. I am making it almost daily to beat the heat. Cooling drink. Todays Post : http://nayanas-kitchen-kreations.blogspot.in/2013/05/ice-apples-and-mango-smoothie.html

  11. I have never added hing to butter milk...must give it a try!

  12. No artificial beverages can beat the humble buttermilk.
    No one cannot put that much sense into my 11 year old's head. She refuses to drink even water.

  13. Perfect for summer, mom use to make this everyday in summer,

  14. very refreshing drink for hot summer.

  15. Refreshing one perfect for summer,nice clicks..


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