Narkol Naru/Sticky Coconut Balls with Chopped Pears - Microwave Method

By Priya Srinivasan - I Camp in My Kitchen - Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Today was a bit busy. In another two weeks i m leaving to india, for a two month bindaas vacation. So a bit of cleaning up started. And also, I met Nalini Suresh of Nalini's Kitchen in my home. It was such a pleasure meeting.  She came home with her hubby Mr. Suresh and her two Kiddo's. The Little one was still in Jet Lag and didn't open a eye-lid!!! We had a nice chat for some time and didn't know how the time flew. I felt like we knew each other for a long time ,would love to have such pleasured company and thanks to this Blogging World, for bringing us together as family and friends.
Coming to today's recipe, these truffles i made long ago, not knowing, that they belong to Bengali Cuisine. Originally thought of posting it for Next week's theme. While Blog-hopping, looking for Bengali Recipes, i came across these truffles @ Ishita's Space. Since today i couldn't manage to do what i intended to do, i thought i will post this today!!! Sigh!!!
So, let's talk some history about these truffles Traditionally this is made using Notun Gur/Nolen Gur/Date Jaggery, Nolen/Notun Jaggery literally means New Jaggery, which is available during Winter season. But here, i get the normal jaggery, but i m not sure of Date Jaggery. But , we do get, a lot of Date Syrup, fresh, thick and tasty, aromatic Date Syrup!!! I have made this using Date syrup. 
As i said, i didn't know this belongs to Bengali Cuisine, if known i wouldn't added Pear. So, if you guys want an authentic Bengali Delicacy, try without adding pears.!!!But i don't  regret adding Chopped pears to these truffles, Happy that  one way or the other some fruit is getting into their diet!!! :)
You can read some more about this Wonderful Cuisine @ Kolkatta's Sweetest Season

1 Cup Freshly Grated Coconut
3/4 Cup Date Syrup
2 Rosemary Pears, Finely Chopped (optional)
2-3 pods of Cardamom, Crushed
2 tbsp Roasted Almonds, Silvered (optional)
  • In a Microwave Safe Pan/Bowl, Take the Almonds Silvers, add a drop of oil and Cook @ Microwave for a minute or two, for it to roast. In my Microwave, for this amount it takes a Minute to roast. Every Microwave works different, so cook accordingly.
  • In Another Microwave Safe Deep-Bowl, Take the Coconut and Date Syrup.  Cook @ Microwave High for 6 minutes. Taking the Bowl out. after Every 1 minute and Stirring well. After the first 3 minutes, the mixture might look runny, don't worry, Keep Cooking, it will start thickening.
  • After the first 6 minutes, the mixture will be medium thick, now add the chopped pears to this and Mix well. Cook @ Microwave high for another 3 minutes, taking out after every 1 minute and stirring.
  • After this add Crushed Cardamom and chopped almonds, Cook @ Microwave high for another 2-3 minutes, for the mixture to come together.
  • Take it out of the oven, let it sit for 4-5 minutes and Cool. Make Golf-size balls out of it and if needed you can roll it on some fresh coconut. But i skipped that, as such they tasted Good.
  • Store it in an Air-tight Container in the Refrigerator. It will stay good for a week, mine got over in 2-3 days.
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  1. Omg, thos sticky coconut balls are just addictive and damn cute.Thats wonderful and happy that you guys met , have a nice vacation Priya..

  2. it is so nice to meet fellow bloggers. glad you had so much fun. Bengali sweet looks fab too!

  3. Lovely to hear that you met Nalini.. Blogging has sure given us all some good new friends :-)
    Those truffles look awesome and are packed with healthy & delicious ingredients.
    Enjoy your India trip!!

  4. wow thats great and nice to hear that you guys had great fun dear :) lovely recipe and healthy looking sticky balls :)

  5. It is nice you could meet Nalini. Coconut balls looks great. Enjoy your vacation!

  6. Enjoy your vacation in India. The sticky coconut balls look yum.

  7. these looks so addictive and healthy... yumm...

  8. Healthy recipe and coconut balls looks so yummm...

  9. looks soooo healthy n yummy...

  10. Good that you met Nalini..and the treat is looking great...hoping to meet you when you come down here..:)

  11. Oooooooooooo! these are yum. I am sure we will love these. Wish I can eat some off the screen right now.:)

  12. These treats look stunning and drool worthy!!

  13. the laddoos are just yummy, so cute and great twist with addition of pears...

  14. Wow.. That's a new one to me.. Looks perfect & great :)


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