Savory Ragi Pancake/Kezhvaragu Kara Adai

Even a simple rasam will taste Divine, when made by Mom!!! yes, enjoying Amma’s Cooking for the past 15 days, no need to say that i m feeling royal totally!!! The only place where you get your breakfast served @ Bed (atleast for me) is @ Mom’s!!! These days i wake up from the aroma of Filter Coffee and Hot Sambhar or some delicious curry getting ready to be served for Breakfast, This is seriously a privilege for all those who had get up first to make coffee(which involves a series of sub-steps) for them and also for others!!!! πŸ™‚
Amma Makes a variety of Tiffen/snack using Ragi and Ragi Flour. One of them is this delicious Adai. Amma says, this is how her mom makes the ragi adai with all the flavors added. Sometimes she says they add a handful of drumstick leaves too to make it even more healthy. 
I asked her to make it for me for breakfast yesterday, which we all devoured hot straight from the tava with some Creamy Coconut Chutney,as such this Adai/Pancake doesn’t need any Condiment, since it has all the spices in the dough itself, but then too, being a typical south-indian, what is breakfast without some Coconut Chutney!!!! πŸ™‚
2 Cups of Ragi Flour
1/4 tsp hing
Salt to taste

To Grind
1 Large Onion
1 Large Tomato
handful of Fresh Coriander leaves
2 Green Chilies, Chopped
2 sprigs of Curry leaves
1 inch piece of Ginger, Chopped
1/4 Cup Freshly Grated Coconut


  • Take the ragi flour in a large bowl, add hing and salt and keep it aside.
  • Grind all the ingredients given under “To Grind” in a Mixer to a paste. Add this ground paste to the Ragi flour and make a soft, pilable dough. Add Water, only when necessary that too little by little.
  • When ready to make the Adai/Pancake, Heat a Tava, Amma used Iron Skillet, In a Banana Leaf, Take a ping pong size ball of the dough and patit using your fingers to make a thin round patty.
  • Invert the banana leaf on to the Hot tava, with the Ragi disc facing the Tava. Peel the banana leaf slowly, leaving the adai on the skillet.Cook on both sides, by adding little oil/ghee. 
  • Serve Hot with a Coconut Chutney or some Raita. Taste heavenly when had hot. I had it after my photo session, so it was a bit cold, then too it was soft. 
Sending this to VFAM – Onions, happening @ Nivedhanams, Event by Priya Mitharwal