Vellam Puttu/Steamed Rice Flour Sweetened using Jaggery – Navrathri Neivedhiyam

Vella Puttu/Steamed Rice flour, sweetened using Jaggery. A Traditional Neivedhiyam/Offering  done during Navrathri  Friday. All these years, i have made only Sundals, Kheer/Payasam or other sweets these days. But this year, i learned how to make this from Amma and planned it for this friday. It is  a quick and easy to make recipe. Usually, they use home pounded Rice flour for this. But i have used Store-bought Rice Flour.
1/4 Cup Rice Flour
1/4 Cup Jaggery
2 tbsp Freshly grated Coconut
2 pinches of salt
1/4 cup water
2-3 pods of cardamom crushed
3 nos each Almonds and Cashews
1 tbsp raisins

  • Dry roast the Rice flour in a pan to just make it hot. This will take just 2 minutes. We don’t want the rice flour to change color.
  • Take the warm rice flour and spread it on a plate. Mix the salt in 2 tbsp of water, sprinkle little salt-water on the flour and mix well with your hands. The Water mixed flour should  hold if you hold it tightly, and collapse if you break it.
  • Take the Salt mixed flour in a bowl/steamer plate and steam cook it for 5-8 minutes. I used my Idly Steamer.
  • After the given time, take it out of the steamer, spread it on a flat plate. Heat Jaggery with 2 tbsp of water and prepare a syrup of single-string consistency.
  • Pour this Jaggery syrup on the steamed rice flour and mix well. Add grated coconut, cardamom and roasted nuts and raisins . Mix well and Serve.
There is a chance of the Jaggery syrup getting into ball-like consistency, in that case, the puttu might become little clumpy. Do not Worry, let the puttu rest for sometime, then take it in a mixer and pulse it 2-3 times and transfer it to a flat plate, the puttu will separate and become powdery.