Mixed Nuts Fudge

By Priya Srinivasan - I Camp in My Kitchen - Thursday, November 07, 2013

A simple and quick to make sweet which i tried for this Diwali. I made these while visiting my friend prior to diwali day. Though i made a variety of sweets and snacks, i made them all very little quantity. Hardly 20 laddu's of different variety and 2 or 3 kgs of Murukku/Karasev. The Muruku/Karasev got over the 2nd day, while laddu's lasted a day more. 
So,everytime i had to make a new sweet to distribute amongst friends.  That way, this burfi takes hardly 10-12 minutes. The below measurement makes 24 small squares. Kuttu commented that they taste like Kaju Katli and took some to gift his Teacher and also daily for his Snack Box.
1/2 Cup Almonds
1/2 Cup Cashews
1/2 Cup Pistachios
3/4 Cup Sugar
1/4 Cup Water
2 generous pinches of saffron
1 tbsp Rose Water
  • Take all the 3 nuts together in a mixer and grind it to a coarse mixture. Grease a shallow plate with ghee or line it with parchment paper. I used my Hawkin's futura cooker's Pan and lined with parchment paper.
  • Take sugar in a non-stick pan, add 1/4 cup of water to it and boil. 
  • Let the sugar reach a single-string consistency. Using a laddle, stir the sugar well.If you check by swiping the back of the ladle with your fore finger and check in between thumb and forefinger, a string will form.
  • Once the sugar reaches single-string consistency, add saffron, powdered nuts and rose water and give a brisk stir.
  • It will thicken up fast and come together as a single mass. That time, take it off the stove. Spread it on to the greased plate and smoothen the top with a greased spoon.
  • While it is still warm, make divisions /marking using a greased knife. Let it cool completely, break them into pieces along the marked lines and store it in an air-tight container.
Sending this to ONLY Diwali Treats, happening +Nivedhanams Sowmya , an event by Pari Vasisht, Foodabulous Fest - Celebrate November month, happening @ Simply Tadka, Diwali Bash 2013, happening @ Cooks Joy

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  1. looks so yummy.. Thanks for sending this yummy recipe to my event.. Looking for more yummy recipes...please add the logo and the link of Pari's event announcement page..


  2. easy and so perfectly made sweets....

  3. Looks delicious, just the right time you posted, have lots of nuts got as Diwali gifts :)

  4. Wow.. look so beautiful and delicious... Thanks for sharing this recipe with my event.


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