Homemade Chocolate Peanut Butter – Sandwich Spread/Condiment

Homemade chocolate peanut butter, a goody goody spread all ready in 10 minutes flat!!! Whenever you will like having something chocolate-y, your PMS plays hard on you, had a bad day and feel like burying your head into a tub of chocolate ice-cream, if none of the above, at-least to make your morning breakfast a bit easy, simple and guilt-free, go ahead and make this!!!

Until you make it at home, you never know, how easy and simple it is to make and how much pure and free it is from all that nonsense that goes into that to make it have a longer shelf life! Seriously, i m done with buying peanut butter  or chocolate spread from stores.  I made a small jar of it, it lasted for only a week, ofcourse i made some crescent rolls with it, if not it will stay good in the fridge for solid 2 weeks. Try some, have bliss!!


1 cup Skinned peanuts
6-7 tbsp powdered sugar
4 tbsp Unsweetened Cocoa Powder
2 tbsp Oil
1/4 tsp Salt


  • Heat a heavy bottomed pan on a medium flame and roast the peanuts to brown color.I used skinned peanuts, if you use peanuts with skin, after dry roasting, remove the skin and use.
  • Put the roasted peanuts into the mixie jar and pulse them a few times.Then grind it to a fine powder.Mix and scrape down the sides as needed. 
  • I used my small food processor jar. Continue grinding until the peanut butter is smooth and shiny. I preferred a bit grainy, not chunky, teeny bit grainy.
  • Add the cocoa powder, powdered sugar, salt and oil to the peanut mixture and continue to grind until well mixed. Scrape the sides of the jar as you grind. Grind until the mixture is creamy and shiny. 
  • Transfer the peanut butter to a air-tight container and store in the refrigerator. It will stay good for a couple of weeks. 
  • Refrigerated peanut butter, might go a bit thick, so, let it rest for 10 minutes on the counter before using it as a spread on sandwiches/roti. I made some yum peanut butter crescent rolls. 


  • If using salted peanuts, avoid using salt in thecabove recipe.
  • Above given sugar is fine for us, but if you prefer your spread to be sweeet, increase it to 1/2 Cup.