Mixed Millet adai

I m back @ my kitchen after a 2 weeks mast vacation. We visited Tanjore and Bangalore. Loved Tanjore to the core, The Big Temple is a must visit, the architecture is awesome. I was totally spell-bound, tear-eyed and had goose-bumps while looking at each and every detail on the Gopuram. 
The Big Temple, this magic was created 1300 years ago
Wall Paintings @ Saraswathi Mahal, Tanjore 300 years old
From Left My hubby, My FIL and Nalini’s Dad. It was such a pleasure to meet him and spend a day with him. Thanks to Nalini and her dad.
The next stop was Bangalore & Mysore. Though there was not much to look @ Brindavan Gardens, loved the lighting and i got a chance to play with my camera’s Manual settings and capture some really good shots.
Lights @ Brindavan
So, after a relaxing vacation i m back at chennai and now to my blog. I m joining Srivalli and Team in Blogging Marathon for the next 2 weeks. This week my theme is Millets. Yes, my favorite Millets, though introduced to me very recently, i m now totally in love with these small wonders. After coming here i have made millets regular at my Mom’s place too. This adai is an easy recipe to try if you are new to Millets. Makes an excellent breakfast or a light dinner when served with a bowl full of aviyal. 

1/4 cup thinai
1/4 cup varagu
1/4 cup kuthiraivaali
1/4 cup chana dal
1/4 cup tuvar dal
1/4 cup whole green gram dal
4-5 nos red chilies
1 large onion
2 sprigs of curry leaves
A small piece of ginger
Salt to taste

  • Take millets and dals together in a large bowl. Wash 2 or 3 times in water. Then soak in water for 3 hours minimum to 5 hours maximum.
  • After the required time, drain the excess water. Take it along with rest of the ingredients in a mixer and grind it to a batter. Do not add water while grinding or else the batter will become very runny.
  • Transfer the batter to another vessel. It can be poured immediately or can be stored in the refrigerator for latter use but use within 2-3 days. If storing for later use, then do not add salt. Add salt just before making the adai.
  • To make adai, heat a nonstick tava or cast iron.  I use cast iron pan for making dosa and roti. So I first pour a teaspoon of gingely oil on the tava, wait for a minute and wipe well with paper towel and then start making dosa/adai. Instead of paper towel you can also use a half-cut onion to wipe the tava, incase your dosa/adai sticks to the pan. 
  • Pour a laddle of batter in the centre and spread it outwards to form a round adai. Make a small hole in the center using the sharp edge of the turner for even cooking of the adai. These are generally poured a bit thick, but I make them thin for my kiddo.
  • Dot the edges and the center with gingely oil. Cook until the sides brown well.Flip and cook the other side. Remove the adai on to a serving plate and serve hot with aviyal or any other chutney/sambar.