Ellu Kozhukattai – Vinayagar Chathurthi Recipe

Tomorrow is Vinayagar Chathurthi, thank god it is Friday!! Oh yes, it is weekend here and i get to concentrate on pooja and not on school going kid or office going big fella!! I have planned for regular Modagam, Chana Sundal and ulundu vada. Amma makes Savoury/Ulundu Kozhukattai too. Here there is no takers for so much food. Apart from the regular modagam, i m planning to do Ellu/sesame kozhukattai this time. Coz, bala just loved them when i made a sample for the post. He kept asking for second help and i had to make him wait till i complete clicking!!! 
The below measurements make 10 kozhukattai’s, so if you are planning to make more, increase the quantity accordingly.

Ingredients for the Mel Maavu (for 10 kozhukattai’s)
1/2 Cup Modak flour/Kozhukattai Maavu (please see notes)
3/4 Cup Water
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 tsp gingely oil
2 tsp oil (while making kozhukattai)
  • Heat water along with salt and oil in a heavy bottom pan. Once it starts to boil, reduce the flame to simmer and add flour slowly to it.
  • Take it off the flame and mix vigorously to incorporate the flour with water to get a gooey-dough. Cover and keep aside.
  • Transfer the dough to flat plate or on to kitchen counte, when it is warm enough to touch, grease your hands with ghee/gingely oil and knead it to get a soft pilable dough. Cover and keep aside until use.
Sesame/Ellu Poornam
2 tbsp Sesame seeds
2 tbsp Powdered jaggery
a pinch of cardamom

  • Dry roast the sesame seeds in a pan. When it starts spluttering, take it off the flame.
  • Let it cool. Take it along with jaggery and cardamom, pulse it few times in a mixer/food processor to get a fine powder. 
  • Do not run the mixer/processor continously or else you will end up with paste. Keep aside until use.

To Make the Kozhukattai
  • Divide the Dough into 10 equal-sized balls. Take the dough and Shape it into a small bowl. use your thumb, index finger and ring finger of both your hands to shape it. I have attached a Video, hope it helps.
  • Fill the modagam/mothagam with a tsp ful of sesame filling, bring the ends together and close it with a pointed edge. Repeat the same for rest of the dough.
  • Steam Cook in a Steamer or in a pressure cooker without Whistle for 8 -10 minutes. Take it off the stove, Serve it to Lord Ganesha and Hog!!!

  • During Ganesh Chathurthi we get Modak/Modagam Flour or Kozhukattai Maavu in Indian stores here. We can also use the normal Rice Flour/Idiyappam Flour for making this. The Difference is the amount of water it needs. 
  • If using regular rice flour the ratio of Flour and Water is 1 : 2, if using Modak Flour/Kozhukattai Maavu then it is 1.5 : 2.