Sugar-Free Heatlhy Sweets for Diwali, Naturally Sweetened and Zero Ghee

A Collection of Naturally Sweetened Sweets @ Enveetu Kitchen. Diwali is a time where everyone should enjoy the delicacies made @ home. These days, there is somebody in the family who is forced by diabetes to avoid sugar and some due to their health conscience. But sweets can be made healthy too. It is White Sugar which we got to shun, these sweets are made using natural sweetening agents like jaggery, dates and honey. 
But, that doesn’t mean you got gobble the whole lot on the D-day. Enjoy in moderate. They also make a great gift to your calorie conscious friends & their families. Try and let me know how it turned out!!

Have a Happy and Healthy Diwali.Spread the Cheer and happiness around you!!!

Thinai Laddu/Foxtail millet Laddu, uses jagery and NO Fat to make a healthy dessert that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Andi Unda/Cashewnut and Rice balls, a delicious balls from Kerala Cuisine, made using red matta rice, jaggery and cashewnuts and the only fat is the fat from the nuts. Try it and you won’t regret.

Narkol Naru/Sticky Coconut Balls, A Bengali Delicacy, sweetened using date syrup.
Pistachio Truffles, you are gonna love these, a mix of pistachios, coconut and dates that’s all.
Gozinaki/Georgian Nut Candy, Sweetened using honey, you are gonna to love this candy, it was a super duper hit amongst my friends too. 
Dates Peda, a quick peda made using dates and paneer using Microwave. A real quickie and a delicious dessert