Coconut Poha – Breakfast Recipe under 15 minutes

Poha again?, don’t ask me that question now!!! Don’t you agree,that is the quickest breakfast to make. Yes, definitely, all you need is to softned it, and you have n number of recipes to make with it. Today, i m giving you a simple coconut poha. Serve it with a spicy side or some crisp on the side, you will love it. I actually prefer it straight from the stove.
Poha is my Lil one’s most preferred breakfast. He loves it with simple Boondi sprinkled over it. While the elder one prefers it with Dal, younger one doesn’t like it to become squishy, mushy!!! 

1 Cup Thick poha
3 nos red chilies
1/4 Cup freshly grated coconut
salt to taste

2 tsp oil
1/2 tsp mustard seeds
1/4 tsp cumin seeds
1 tsp urad dal
a pinch of hing
2-3 curry leaves, torn into pieces


  • Take poha in a colander and wash under running water for a minute to make it soft. Alternatively you can soak it in water for a 30 seconds and drain. But the soaking sometimes, may make the poha very soft and it might become mushy, so take care.
  • Heat a pan with oil given under “tempering“, splutter mustard seeds, add cumin, hing, red chilies, curry leaves and saute. 
  • Next add urad dal and saute until they turn golden brown. Now add grated coconut to this and saute for a minute or until it looks a bit dry.
  • Now add the softened poha to this and mix well. Add salt and fresh coriander leaves to this and mix well. Serve warm.

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