Best of Year 2014 - A Recap

By Priya Srinivasan - I Camp in My Kitchen - Wednesday, December 31, 2014

I have never done Best of year ****  in my blog previously, so When Valli sent us a mail this time, i thought why not try this time, it was like reliving those foodie moments again. Thanks to Valli and my blogger friends for all the encouragement and my readers for the love.
I got a new domain for my blog in the beginning of this year. Enveetu Kitchen received some attention in the online Food Magazine Food e Mag Dxb, a food magazine conceived and published by 2 creative people from Fooderati Arabia Group.
I m trying to spot the Best 12 Recipes from my blog for the year 2014, that i loved the most. I hope you like them too.
Ragi Chocolate Pudding, a smooth and chocolaty pudding using Millets, also a quick one to make.This was the first recipe got featured in the online magazine.
Gulkand Gulab Jamun, an exotic dessert which turned out to be an absolute favorite in our house. Soft, jamuns stuffed with rose petal jam/Gulkand, a must try!!!
Ginger & Lemon Soup, another favorite recipe of mine and also for many others. Mild soup with ginger and taste of lemon, light on tummy, yet so much on taste. This is the second recipe that got featured in Food e Mag dxb!
I participated in the first ever Mega Marathon, Indian Food Odyssey, a virtual culinary journey across the Indian States, It was super fun and lots of learning. My favorite was North-eastern cuisine. It was very tough finding a vegetarian recipe in NE cuisine, a little more probing lead to some research papers and documentation of their food habits, which revealed how Organic, natural and local their cuisine is. Though all the 30 dishes are my absolute favorites, this simple steamed rice flour Putharo,from Meghalaya, stands out special.
And also this Jhangore ki Kheer/Barnyard Millet Kheer from Uttarakhand got featured in BBC GoodFood India, a special moment for the foodie in me!
Radish Garlic Kuzhambhu, a tangy side with garlic and radish takes me back to my childhood days, i cherished with my cousins
Thinnai/Foxtail Millet Laddu, a sugar-free, fat-free, a Vegan Dessert, got me much attention around the healthy circle, many of my blog readers, who are diabetic  and also calorie conscious, tried these ladoos and gave thumbs up on the taste!!
Another traditional snack, using Millets, Thinai Arisi/Foxtail millet Puttu/Steamed cake. Thinai/Foxtail Millet is traditionally used to make Sweet dishes, for its distinct taste. This puttu with loads of coconut and nuts, is for sure a filling snack!
Thinai Godhumai Rava Laddu/Foxtail Millet and Wheat Rava Ladoo, made for Krisha janmashtami, especially for my parents, both are diabetics and they have tremendous control on their food habit, i made this for them to  enjoy guilt-free.
September, i did my second marathon with International Dishes,  Around the World in 30 days. This Gozinaki, a nut candy from Georgia is my favorite amongst the dishes. Not only mine, for most of my friends too.
After all the Diwali Food, we just loved this simple Tomato-Garlic Rasam.
One of our favorite Comfort food, Mixed Vegetable Moongdal Khicdi, a complete One-Pot Meal.
My first try to make chat, pucca street food @ home, the one food i dreaded to be a disaster in my kitchen, I was so happy when these came out good and tasted yum, just the way they should be!!Katori Chat
It was a fantastic year on the food side. I ventured out of my comfort zone and tried lots of breads from across the world. Fell absolutely in love with bread baking and have loads of bookmarks to make. Hopefully will do them one by one this coming year.
Wishing you all a Fantastic New Year 2015!!!

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  1. Lovely and mouthwatering recap, Priya. Wish you and your family a very happy new year !!

  2. Nice to read about your journey Priya .. Best wishes for the new year 😊

  3. Priya the pictures are so so good that I am actually speechless...they are so live that one instantly feels that the food is right in front of you...and you want to grab it..ah the screen...beautiful post and will look forward to some more interesting recipes in the coming year.

  4. Thanks for those lovely words Vaishali!!!

  5. delicious food Happy New Year to you and family

  6. Lovely recap Priya. I have enjoyed revisitng your posts through these beautiful pictures. Have an adventurous 2015!

  7. That was one great post to read back on your work Priya..I enjoyed reading it and as Vaishali says your pictures are so lively!

  8. Beautiful pics and lovely recap Priya. And I am yet to make that gulkand gulab jamun.Will try it soon.And wishing everyone at home a very happy and healthy year ahead

  9. congrats on all the media attention you received this year and all your photos look just as delicious

  10. Lovely recap of the year Priya. Hope you have a wonderful year ahead.

  11. Bookmarked many healthy recipes from this post Priya...superb!


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