Varagu Arisi Neeraagaram/Varagu Arisi More Kanji/Kodo Millet Overnight Porridge – Morning Breakfast

Millets are regular in our house. I use varagu arisi for my regular meal. Though i make a very little quantity just for myself and rarely have leftovers, sometimes i If at all there is some, i use it for the next day lunch. Once i tried, making neeraagaram/overnight porridge with varagu and after that it is regular atleast a once in two weeks. 
This overnight porridge makes a filling meal and keeps you full until lunch. Seasonnings can be varied, you can add fresh coriander/mint or even some cucumber and shredded carrot to this. 

1 Cup cooked varagu arisi/kodo millet (i have used leftover)
1 cup water for soaking kodo millet
1/2 Cup curd
1 green chili
a sprig of curry leaf
1/2 tsp shredded ginger
small for onions  for side (i didn’t have so have used normal onions, thinly sliced)
How to cook varagu arisi
Wash the varagu well 2 or 3 times with water. I use 1:2 water ratio for the brand i buy here. Pressure cook it for 3 whistles. 
For making More Kanji/Porridge
  • I usually cook varagu arisi/kodo millet for my regular meal and so, sometimes have a cup of it leftover which i use it for my next day lunch. 
  • Soak the leftover varagu in a cup of water. The water should completely soak the varagu. Leave it on the counter overnight. If you fear it might spoil, better soak it early in the morning and leave it for 4 hours minimum.
  • Take the soaked varagu along with its water, add green chili, curry leaves, shredded ginger to this. Using a hand blender blend the ingredients together to make a thick liquid. 
  • To this add 1/2 cup yogurt and blend again to make a frothy porridge and serve it along with small onions  
  • The above measurement will give you 2 cups of porridge. if you feel the porridge is abit thick then add a 1/4 cup of water or buttermilk.