A Home for my own – #StartANewLife

Change is the only thing that is unchangeable, so true. Life sometimes throw such a googly at us, all our plans go down like a house of cards. When i came down to Chennai from Dubai for my first delivery,  my plan was to return after 3 months and enjoy the upbringing of my lil one with my dearest hubby. But then god had some other plans.
We were blessed with  a healthy baby boy in June 2006 and i happily left to dubai with my lil bundle in august, only to return back in February,2007 again. We made a hasty decision to settle back in Chennai, so i came down first and my hubby decided to return after 3 months.
But to our surprise, the company didn’t want to let go off my hubby, so they gave him a promotion and a good pay to stay back. That is when we decided to buy a new house here in Chennai. That means i have to stay back in Chennai to look after the construction and rest of the formalities involved. After much discussion we mutually agreed on this and started the hunt for our very first home.  
We were lucky to get a flat in Moggapair in Chennai, considering the fact that getting a good flat and a builder inside the city is such a task now, thanks to housing.com, for pooling all these resources together and make it available at a single click. Though the route to the flat in the beginning was too rough and there were no proper roads, but we loved that cozy little corner with 3 balconies and that big hall. We finalized our deal and paid our initial amount. 
Now comes the ordeal of arranging the down payment. We were first promised by one one of our very close relatives that they would lend us that amount, but suddenly they stepped back.  Many of our relatives suggested to back down and cancel the flat and get back the initial payment. It was a very tense situation but with God’s grace we spoke to the builders and they agreed for PDC for the down payment. 
The next ordeal was with the bank, they sanctioned only 75% of the original value.  So we had to shell out another 10% from our pocket. Uff, it was a tight rope walk, but again the time was good on our side and again we managed to pay 5% from our saving, then spoke to our builder’s,  since there was a good will of our previous payment they gracefully accepted PDC again for the rest of the amount. 
It took nearly year for  us to get the keys of our house  and finally on 27th January  2008, we performed the house warming ceremony with so much joy and happiness and pride, that every single penny that went into this house is from our own hard-earned money. 
The challenges we face when we take up a job gives us only 2 options, to accept it and learn something new or just back down from the  new opportunity and stay stagnant wherever you are. 
We decided to accept those  hurdles and tension that came along our journey to buy a new home and with perseverance and determination we won that challenge. 
Life is not only about happiness and joy, it is also about challenges, hurdles, sorrow  and success. So, go on accept the challenge, you never know what surprise is waiting for you.