Baba Ganoush/Baba Ghannuj/Eggplant Dip – Middle-Eastern Condiment

Today i bring a very simple yet, flavorful condiment from Middle East, Baba Ganoush/Baba Ganouj, roasted eggplant blended with spices. The eggplant is baked or broiled over an open flame before peeling, so that the pulp is soft and has a smoky taste.It is a typical meze (starter), often eaten as a dip with khubz or pita bread, and is sometimes added to other dishes. It is popular Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine and Syria as well as in Armenia. A similar dish, but with mashed eggplants and without other vegetables, is known as mutabbal in Armenia. 
I added a little more of coriander leaves and so my baba ganoush looks more green than beige!!! But, nevertheless the taste was was spot-on.  I paired with Dosa for yesterday’s dinner and today used it as spread for the morning sandwich.  Such a versatile condiment. 
1 Large Eggplant
3 cloves of garlic
handful of coriander leaves /parsley leaves
1 tbsp tahini 
1/4 tsp red chilli powder
Juice of 1/2 a lemon
Salt to taste

  • Pre-heat the oven to 200C. Wash he Eggplant well. Make 3 silts in its body, a small slit o slide a clove of garlic through it. 
  • Apply oil all over the eggplant. Place it on a Oven proof dish and bake/roast for around 40-50 minutes, or until he skin sulks and a when poked using a knife, it slides inside the veggie without an resistance.
  • Take it out, let it cool a bit. Peel the skin off and scoop out the flesh of the eggplant. Grind it to a  smooth paste along with other ingredients. 
  • While serving, drizzle little olive oil and serve it along with pita bread or as a spread for roti/wraps