Recap of BM Buffet on Table

Last month mega BM Buffet on Table, has been one delicious experience. We started the course with Combo dishes from various countries, Cooked some delicious Indian meals, tried some different condiments,  tasted some yumm breakfast dishes from other countries and finally ended up with non-food post.  
The Team is doing this for the past 2 years, whereas i joined them from last year. 
April 2014 : Indian Food Odyysey
September 2014 : Around the world in 30 days
April 2015 : Fire up your Oven
September 2015 : BM Buffet on Table
Apart from the main theme, i wanted to do only Breakfast dishes for the whole month, following the A-Z order. To my surprise, i kept to that theme till the end, Here is the recap of this whole month.

Week 1 Combo dishes

Luchi and Cholar Dal from Bangladesh

Week 2 : Indian Breakfast
Bajra-Aloo Roti from Hariyana

IDiyappam/Noolputtu with Ishtu from Kerala
Kande Poha/Onion Poha from Maharastra

Week 3 : Condiments
Baba Ghanoush from Qatar
Mint Sauce from UK
Week 4 :Breakfast from Different countries
Banh It Tran with Nuac Cham Chay from Vietnam
Okonomiyaki from Japan
Mixed Millet Porridge from my very Own Tamilnadu

Week 5 : Blogger’s Choice


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