Strawberry & Grapes Smoothie with roasted poha – Breakfast Smoothie

Smoothies are my goto breakfast/snack anytime. Particularly, post workout, i definitely need a big glass of chilled smoothie, to get me back onto my toes and start my other chores.
So, these days, i always keep some fresh fruits, stashed in small ziploc pouches in my freezer. I just add some milk and some nuts to them while blending. It feels so refreshing and energizing and pushes me to be active until next meal.
Here is a simple smoothie, i had today using some fresh red grapes and strawberries which i stashed in my freezer last week. Along with these i added some black grapes and half a plum, which i was lying on the kitchen counter, after i packed the other half into my lil one’s breakfast box. I loved the beautiful purple hue the smoothie had, as if it is made of blueberries.  
1/4 cup of black grapes, Fresh
1/2 a red plum, fresh, stone removed
4 nos plump strawberries (frozen)
1/2 cup red grapes (frozen)
1.5 cups of chill milk
1 tbsp roasted poha, powdered (optional)


  • Take together all the fruits and roasted poha in your blender jar, blitz to break them into chunks.
  • Add milk and blend smooth. Serve immediately.