Mango & Coconut Rolls

Mango season in  full glow and how come not using them in bakes? Today’s bread was a great hit at home, kids patiently waited for me to finish clicking after they tasted 2 rolls straight from out of the oven.

I had one mango left from the stash of sindhri which i bought recently. Usually mangoes never last for long at home, my lil one is a mango-maniac. The moment he sees juicy mangoes, he wants one. This one, was hidden inside the fridge somewhere, so he didnt know about it and i used it for my bake today.

These rolls are just like cinnamon rolls, but instead of cinnamon sugar,it is filled with fresh mango pulp and sweetened coconut. I have added cardamom for flavor, you can use saffron/kesar instead, it might also give a nice golden color to the bread. 

The bread dough is inspired from my No Knead Pizza rolls recipe, i have used the same recipe, except for filling

If you are looking for other fruity rolls recipe i have  No knead Spelt flour fruity rolls, Double chocolate cinnamon rolls and for Savory options Peas masala rolls  Cheddar & garlic rolls and feta roses
3/4 cup whole wheat flour
3/4 cup all purpose flour
1 tsp instant yeast
4 cardamon pods, cover removed and seeds roughly crushed
2 tbsp sugar
3/4 cup to 1 cup of Warm  water
a pinch of salt
2 tbsp oil

1/2 cup Fresh mango pulp ( i used one sindhri variety mango)
2 tbsp sweetened coconut
2 tbsp sugar (optional)

Sugar Glaze
3 tbsp castor sugar
1 tsp water or milk


  • Take both the flours together in a large bowl. Add crushed cardamom, instant yeast, sugar and salt to the flour mix. Whisk well to combine.
  • Take water in a microwave safe mug, reheat for 30 seconds. Slowly add water to the flour mix and start kneading a soft dough.
  • Once the flour come together as a dough, add oil to the dough and knead well for 5-8 minutes to get smooth and soft dough. The dough will be sticky to touch, but will not stick to the surface.
  • Keep the dough in a well-oiled bowl for an hour or until it doubles in sizes. Once it doubles, remove the dough to a floured kneading surface. 
  • Punch down the extra air from the dough, knead the dough for couple of minutes. Roll the dough out into a 12 x 9 inch rectangle. 
  • Spread the mango pulp evenly on the surface, leaving 1/2 an inch gap near the edges. Spread sweetened coconut and sugar.
  • Now slowly roll the dough into a log away from you. Using a sharp serrated knife, cut the log into 9 or 10 portions. Grease a square baking tray with butter or line it with parchment paper. Place the cut rolls with cut side down. Spoon the remaining mango pulp on top of the rolls, sprinkle remaining coconut and sugar. 
  • Let the rolls rest for another 45 minutes. Preheat the oven to 180C and bake the rolls for 30-40 minutes or the rolls turn golden brown. Remove the rolls from the oven, let it sit for 5 minutes in the tray. Slowly remove the baked rolls on to a wire rack. Let it cool for sometime,  Serve it warm with some sugar glazed on top.