Cooking Carnival - Mega Marathon, Month long Marathon

By Priya Srinivasan - I Camp in My Kitchen - Wednesday, August 31, 2016

April and September month's are little special for me and a group of close-knitted blogger friends.  Yes, we do a mega marathon, posting food recipes, for the whole month on a particular theme. We love the tension, craziness that comes free with the mega marathon. Though our Boss +srivalli jetti gives us themes very early, people like me always decide and do the last moment. 
This September, we are blogging under Pick one ingredient or one category for a week or for the whole month. I chose 1 category per week. So, i will be posting recipes under 4 different categories for 4 weeks. This theme is aptly named as "Cooking Carnival 2016".
I was a little busy with a family function from may, so couldn't plan anything ahead for this BM. It is only last week, i made a list and started cooking for the mega BM. So, it is going to simple everyday dishes spread under 4 categories. I seriously didn't plan on matching the 'S'. 
Hope you would enjoy the series, as i enjoyed making them all. 

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  1. Awesome priya trust you to come up with something like that! I know I am going to enjoy.

  2. That is lovely spread! And the matching "S" makes it even more exciting :)

  3. Nice themes Priya and the matching S-superb, even if it is unplanned :)


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