Banana Honey & Walnut Sandwich

By Priya Srinivasan - I Camp in My Kitchen - Saturday, September 03, 2016

On day 3, i have another simple Banana honey walnut sandwich, that is a regular at home. I don't know why i haven't blogged it all these days. It my kiddo's favorite too. Though i pack it for my husband's breakfast for office, but for my kids i serve it warm for their evening snack. 
The warm bread, with mushy banana's, sweet honey and crunchy walnuts create a taste heaven for every bite you take. Sometimes, the honey oozes through the holes in the bread, and gives a caramelized taste to the banana honey walnut sandwich, it is absolutely indescribable. 
Banana honey sandwich

The ingredients for making this sandwich.
This Banana honey walnut sandwich uses basic ingredients which can be found in every home. 
Banana, don't use over-ripen banana to make these Banana honey walnut sandwich. This might make the sandwich overly sweet, which we don't want, balance is the key. Try to use a ripe, yet firm banana. 
Honey and walnuts the best you can get. We had the blessing of a bee-hive in our balcony, the bees were there for a year and left the hive. We thought the hive was empty, and tried to remove it. But bees left their rent with this golden liquid, a cup of beautiful, golden, sticky honey, the purest we have ever seen and tasted. 
Bread, i have used brown/white/multigrain for making these sandwiches, they taste absolutely yumm with all these type of breads.
Honey sandwich
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Let us now make this delicious Banana Honey & Walnut sandwich
4 slices of bread (white/brown/multi-grain)
1 banana, sliced into roundels, i used Philippines banana
4 nos walnuts, chopped
1 tsp cinnamon powder (optional)
Honey, as needed
butter for toasting the bread
honey and nut sandwich
  • Place 7-8 roundels of banana onto 1 slice of bread. sprinkle chopped walnuts on top. Squeeze a generous serving of honey on top of the bananas. 
  • Add a dash of cinnamon. Close it with another slice. Toast them well with  butter. Serve warm with some honey on top.

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  1. This looks great Priya. Need to try this for my daughter..

  2. Oozing honey when toasting the bread sounds so mouthwatering!!

  3. I love such delicious sandwiches, so easy to make...

  4. Love the sandwich and all the ingredients going in.

  5. That's surely so sinful and looks great priya..

  6. That's one quick and yummy breakfast.

  7. That is a wonderful pairing of banana, walnuts and honey, Priya.

  8. Such a quick and easy to make sandwich,perfect for weekdays breakfast..

  9. Looks wonderful Priya and love the honey and banana on a warm bread.

  10. Perfect and filling breakfast.. you got carbs, nuts and fruits too.. complete balanced breakfast.

  11. You have a way with words Priya. This is the second sandwich no the third one and I ma very hungry. I better go and fix myself a snack.

  12. Definitely my kind of sandwich, banana and honey watelse we need to make an irresistible sandwich.

  13. I love this combo , its so healthy and yet delicious . Perfect choice .

  14. Thats an interesting Combo Priya. Walnuts paired with Banana will taste divine.

  15. Quick & tasteful breakfast...Kids would love it :)

  16. Such a wonderful sandwich for breakfast. We would love this everyday I am sure!

  17. This is my kind of a sandwich. I'll probably smear some peanut butter or almond butter too :-)

  18. simple yet yummy :) u r rocking with sandwiches here :)

  19. very simple sandwich. I have never thought of placing bananas in between breads. WOnder why....

  20. Never tried banana as a sanwich layer....Love this


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