7 Fresh juices/Mocktails to keep you hydrated this summer

It is just May and we are already feeling the heat. Sun at morning 9 am is so hot, i can’t imagine how it will be around noon. The moment i enter home after my yoga, i want to drink something cold and soak myself in a tub full of water. The later is though unimaginable, the former is definitely 100% possible.
To avoid myself buying juices off the grocery shop shelves, i try to make fresh juice before leaving for my workout, so when i return i have something to quench my thirst. I know eating fresh fruit is more healthy than juicing, but then in this heat, all you want is to drink! Like fresh fruit and veggies which are regular part of our meal, fresh juices too has become one.
You might think, why am i glorifying juices here? it is because, i have always made smoothies, milk smoothies, yogurt smoothies,so for me to come out of my comfort zone and try some drink that is not dairy base, feels awesome.
Here is a list of 7 different Fruit juices (mocktails) to keep you refreshed this summer. Make them part of your suhoor/iftar meal for a healthy start this ramadan. 

And last but never the least
Fresh Grape Mocktail, the best i ever made.