Agua de Jamaica – Hibiscus Tea

A recipe which i wanted to try a long time ago, for which i got ingredients an year ago, happened only yesterday. Strange, isn’t? I can hear you all say Lazy!
I fell in love with the color of the drink and wanted to try it, but never happened all these days. One of the reasons i chose latin-american cuisine, is to try this pretty drink.
It is simple, gorgeous drink to make. Boil water, add dried flowers and let it steep. That’s it. No recipe at all. This tea can also be made with fresh flowers. Will update the post, once i make it with fresh flowers. Additional flavorings like cinnamon and ginger can be added to make the tea flavorsome. The drink is a bit tangy, lemon adds a nice zest to it. If you love tangy and zesty drinks, this is definitely for you.
Medicinally, hibiscus tea has proven to be very helpful in lowering high blood pressure. I cannot assure the above, as i m no professional, but i can assure that is a great drink for summer, serve it chill and enjoy the flavors.

Ingredients (Makes 3 servings)
1/3 cup of dried hibiscus
a small piece of cinnamon stick (1/4 inch)
2 tsp of freshly grated ginger
2 cups of water(divided, one cup chilled)
juice  of half a lemon
2-3 tbsp of sugar (or to taste)
ice cubes to serve


  • Take 1 cup of water in a saucepan, add cinammon stick, ginger and sugar to it. Let it come to a boil. Take it off the stove, add dried hibiscus flowers to it. Keep it covered. Let it steep for 15-20 minutes.
  • After the said time, strain the tea to a pitcher, add another cup of ice-cold water and lemon juice. Stir well.
  • Pour it in glasses, top it with ice and serve immediaely. Alternatively you can store the concentrate before adding cold water as such in the fridge, and mix it just before serving. 
  • I m enjoying the tea from yesterday and absolutely love the tangy, zesty taste of it and not to forget the gorgeous gorgeous color.

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