Explore the Flavors – April Mega Blogging Marathon

It is almost after 2 years, i m doing a mega marathon. +srivalli jetti normally announces the theme 6 months ahead, we even discuss themes a year ahead. Once the theme is announced the enuthisasm in the group is unimaginable!!
We have stalwarts who have started cooking for the next marathon. When you are amongst such enthusiastic souls, it is only natural it catches you like fire. 
So, here is the glimpse of the themes, i have planned to explore, I have chosen to a A-Z series with 4 themes for 4 weeks.
Though the themes might look different, the dishes are simple and are made everyday in my kitchen. I made the list 2 months back and with the list stuck on my fridge, i kept changing few dishes. But this is what i love about mega BM cooking, there will be so much going on the kitchen and much more in our heads! We eat, breathe, think and sleep Mega BM theme!!😂
We normally get stuck while doing an A-Z series, but this time, the list came together pretty easily. I  m so excited to get started tomorrow.  Hoping to do justice to the themes selected. Do, join me in the fun.