Xiaomi Pops/Instant Foxtail millet ipaniyaram/Instant Foxtail millet pops

By Priya Srinivasan - I Camp in My Kitchen - Saturday, April 28, 2018

Xiaomi, is not only the name of mobile, it is also the name of foxtail millet in chinese. When doing an A-Z food series, X,Y,& Z are problematic alphabets. I know what all tricks we adapt to get a proper post title xotic, xtra, xmas, and it goes on! While i was breaking my head to get a proper dish with X, wiki came to my help. I was looking for millets name in chinese and japanese languages, thank god, i was put off my misery pretty soon. Chinese use lot of millets in their cuisine. This foxtail millet/Xiaomi is made into a porridge which actuallly is a post-partum dish, that helps new mothers heal well.
 When i read that article in wiki, my happiness knew no bounds. I decided on this quick paniyaram/pops with foxtail millet, which can be made instant. It was super hit breakfast with kids, pack it with a spicy chutney, it will vanish in minutes.
1/2 cup foxtail millet
1/2 cup of cooked rice
1/4 tsp methi seeds
2 green chilies
a sprig of curry leaf
2 pinches of baking soda (read notes)
oil for cooking the pops/kuzhipaniyaram
  • Soak foxtail millet and methi seeds for an hour. Once it is well soaked, drain the excess water, take the soaked millet and cooked rice in a mixer jar, add green chilies, curry leaves to it and grind it to a batter. Do not add more water, just 1/4- 1/3 cup of water.
  • Once ground, remove the batter to another bowl, let it rest for 30 minutes. Add baking soda to this and give it a brisk stir. 
  • Heat the paniyaram pan, brush the holes with oil, pour batter till 3/4th of every hole, add drops of oil to each batter filled hole. Cover and cook for a minute in a medium flame. 
  • Remove the cover, using a fork, turn each paniyaram and cook the other side for another minute with little oil. Remove the cooked paniyaram onto a plate. Repeat the same with the rest of the batter.
  • Pack these cute pops/bombs/paniyaram with some spicy chutney for your kids dabba.
  • This batter can be fermented overnight, if fermented, no need to add baking soda. 

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  1. Seriously when i read the name of this dish, i thought its something related to mobile. Thats a brilliant idea to give a chinese name Priya, well done gal. That bowl of paniyaram looks extremely prefect to kick start a day.

  2. That is a brilliant find. Shall keep this in mind for future A-Z series :) The paniyarams sound delicious.

  3. I knew the feelings when you found some recipe as per your expectation. Great find and i get to know the first chinese word "Xiaomi" :-) . That's an interesting paniyaram recipe with fox millet. Healthy and delicious !!!

  4. Using cooked rice is a great idea and don't laugh, I didn't know Xiaomi is a mobile. Love the idea of looking for names in chinese.

  5. Wow ! Very smart Priya :))
    Loved these cute paniyarams , using millet is a healthy way to serve these . Baking soda must be making it really soft and spongy !

  6. Wow those paniyaram look so soft and fluffy. Nice research for letter X and you have found a very nice recipe. Good one Priya.

  7. Such a brilliant pick for X. too much research and good move Priya and panniyaram has come out really well!!

  8. Wow. Interesting recipe.. good option for snacks.

  9. Hahaha, that is a nice name for the paniyaram Priya. Just now read Mayuri's post and here yours also with fox tail millet. When it comes to the letter X - it is such a huge pain to find proper recipes.

  10. Wow , I did not knew the Chinese name of foxtail millets and Xiaomi was just mobile name for me. Such interesting and quick recipe of paniyaram using foxtail millets.

  11. Lovely invention of the name, Priya. When I was typing xiaomi for my porridge dish... the mobile pages would come up! Love your pops, such a healthy snack.

  12. Priya that is a brilliant thought process and what a fantastic find!..these panniyarams look sinful!

  13. wow priya you are so brilliant, what an amazing idea to use the Chinese name for foxtail millets .. paniyarams looks so delicious .. I even agree with everyone seeing "Xiomi" the first thing popped in my mind was mobile name..Wonderful find , kudos to you for finding it..

  14. That's an excellent find for X. I never came across a paniyaram recipe using cooked rice besides a healthy millet.

  15. Ha ha ha...what an amazing thought process to looks for millet names in Chinese and Japanese. Great pick Priya and the paniyaram looks so flavorful.

  16. Wah Priya what an innovative name for our humble paniyaram! I was actually so eager to see what you would prepare for X. Paniyarams when paired with spicy chutney are always a hit!


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