Almond & Coconut Oreo balls

By Priya Srinivasan - I Camp in My Kitchen - Monday, April 15, 2019

We as a family love to watch lot of cooking shows, our favorite channel is Foxlife, though right now with IPL, sports channel is placed above everything, or else we are glued to FoxLife. Masterchef Australia being our favorite show, followed by jamie olivers. My lil one loves watching Jamie's food fight club and the way jamie animates while cooking his food. For me watching these food shows with my boys, is bonding with them and make them understand that food is universal and cooking is fun and even boys can cook and sweat in the kitchen and most importantly enjoy that process. 
 Few days back , they were airing, Family food fight, in FoxLife, a competition where 4 members from a family compete as a team with many other families with various themes every week and ofcourse elimination every week.
One of the episodes, the theme was kids party, loved each and every recipe in that episode, so colorful and vibrant, attracting kids in every way possible. Shows like these make me more enthusiastic to try new recipes for my family. 
One of the recipes showcased in that episode was these oreo balls. A simple 2-ingredient recipe, the original recipe used only dessicated coconut, in this recipe i have added some almond flakes and cinnamon for flavor. 
These oreo balls are great hit amongst kids, this is the second time i m making them at home. I made a huge batch when they were at home during spring break, it never dissappoints. You can add few more flavors to this to make it more interesting, i have some variations too which i will post later some time.

Here is the video on How to make these cute oreo balls

12 nos oreo biscuits, original flavor
1/4 cup condensed milk
1/3 cup of dessicated coconut , 2 tbsp extra for rolling  
1/4 cup of almond flakes, 1 tbsp extra for rolling
1/4 tsp cinnamon powder

  • Take the oreo biscuits in a food processor, pulse it to coarse powder. To this add condensed milk, dessciated coconut, cinnamon and almond flakes. Pulse again to form a uniform mixture.
  • Transfer this to a bowl or a flat plate. Roll them into small lemon sized balls. I got around 10 balls for the above measurement, it depends on the size you roll them.
  • Roll the balls on a mix of coconut and almond flakes. Store them in an air-tight container.

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  1. Cookie balls are surely the best way to finish off unwanted cookies as well... hehe... in my house, oreos never stay, forget about converting them into balls! We too love watching Fox Life, have you tried watching the Nadia show? They air it at late night, God knows for who to watch! :)

  2. This is such an easy recipe. Kids would love to even make them.

  3. I remember watching Jamie Oliver shows when they were aired only in UK, I loved how he made cooking seem so much fun and effortless. I still love his recipes though I don't get to watch too many cookery shows. Almond and Coconut Oreo balls look so tempting. A somewhat healthy treat to take care of the sweet tooth.

  4. The dessert balls look so tempting and are easy to make and you have captured these very beautifully.My 7 yr old son too enjoys watching all cooking and baking related shows with me. I am going to show him your pics and he will defiantely say..mamma let's make these:)!!

  5. I love recipes like these that are fun and easy and of course so yummy! Perfect to make with little kids as well!

  6. Awesome recipe made with ingredients which are so easily available in every kitchen. I will make them on this weekend.

  7. The coconut, oreo and almond combination sounds very interesting. Oreo cookies are favourite amongst kids as well grown ups.
    This recipe surely is a winner to convert 3 yummy ingredients into dessert balls.

  8. Such cute pictures, reminds me of those days when My kids were little and used to bake a lot ! These are the best desserts for kids, my kids always loved Oreo!

  9. These cute little balls loaded with the oreo goodness look so so delectable and inviting...a perfect treat to satiate those sweet cravings...

  10. Love the combination of flavours in the dessert balls...Who doesn't love oreos right? Hit in any Kids party for sure!! The best part is that it's a no cook simple recipe!!

  11. This is an easy recipe and kids can prepare during their holidays or during their play dates... simply awesome share

  12. These balls looks so cute and irrestible. Love the combination of almond, coconut and oreo. Must be a treat to kids.

  13. WOW WOW !!!! so cute looking balls dear :) looks so easy and quick too make these dessert balls... the three combos here must be adding a nice flavor to the whole ...

  14. Who can say no to this deliciousness....with the goodness of almonds and yummy oreo makes a great combo.


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