My meal plan for Feb 9th – Feb 13th 2020

Hiya all, my first post after my camp migrated to WordPress. Yes, finally i took the plunge and moved, did the migration myself with help from my blogger friends. Though the blog look pretty set, there is quite a lot of things to be done at the back-end, fixing the broken links, clearing the unnecessary tags/labels, knowing the new terminologies in the new setup, uff! though a bit taxing, i m loving this process. To learn something new is always a pleasant feeling.

Moving on to today’s post, this is my meal plan for the coming week. i have tried to include my regular, dal, rasam and dry curries and tried to add some variety to dinner.

The recipes for the breakfast menu can be found here, Aloo ke jhol, Idly podi, Carrot, amla and coconut chutney

The recipe for lunch can be found here, Fenugreek/Venthayakeerai sambar in pressure cooker, beets rasam, lachko dal, sambar saadam,

Dinner recipes can be found here Varagu arisi upma, maldouf, cauliflower and peas curry, chooda matar

Meal plan, Vegetarian meal plan, menu plan
Menu plan for February 2nd week 2020.

Vegetables used this week

Vegetables used for this week are Raw banana, Beans, Beets, yam, Potato, carrots, amla, and few mixed veggies for sambar saadam like drumstick, yellow pumpkin, potato, cauliflower, peas etc. The only greens i m using this week is Fenugreek leaves/Venthaya keerai. This might change, in case i come across some fresh spinach, i might give in and buy some.

The usual’s onions, garlic, tomato, coconut as and when required. I don’t use onion and garlic very often in my cooking, maybe once or twice in a week.

I hope this meal plan for this week, helps to be better organized in the kitchen and avoid any food wastage.