Diwali Sweets | Naturally Sweetened

A small collection of Diwali sweets, using naturally sweetened ingredients like dates/dried figs/jaggery.

Diwali literally means sweets. Sweets and festivites are synonomous. You cannot celebrate a festival, that too a traditional Indian festival like diwali without sweets. But you can find alternates to white sugar in your desserts and make them a tad bit healthy by using naturally sweetened ingredients like dates/dried figs/jaggery/palm sugar.

Diwali is a time where everyone should enjoy the delicacies made at home. But these days, somebody in the family, forced by diabetes, and some due to their health conscience avoid diwali sweets.

Diwali sweets

Sweets can be made healthy and consumed consciously. To my knowledge, it is the processed white sugar which we should try to avoid and always remember to portion control.

During our grand-parents days, sweets were made with jaggery. My paati/grandma lived till the age of 93. She was very active till her last day and her only health complaint was her knee-pain.. She loves Basundhi, it is her favorite sweet, second in line is Beetroot halwa.

Diwali decor

The diwali sweets listed, are made using natural sweetening agents like jaggery, dates and honey.  But, that doesn’t mean you can gobble the whole lot on the D-day. Enjoy in moderate.

They also make a great gift to your calorie conscious friends & their families. Try and let me know how it turned out

Diwali Sweets Collection

Gozinaki/Nut Candy from Georgia
Gozinaki is a traditional Georgian confection made of caramelized nuts fried in honey and usually eaten on New Year’s Eve and Christmas.
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Anjeer Burfi
Anjeer Burfi is a delicious fudge made of dried anjeer/figs. A delectable combination of figs, dates and nuts. A naturally sweetened dessert, fit for celebrations and gifts.
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Mixed Nuts & Seeds Bar | Granola Bars
Mixed Nuts & seeds bar, a nutty, crunchy candy made of loads of nuts and seeds combined with butter & honey. These healthy granola bars are wonderful snack on the go and a lovely edible gift during festivities.
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Chocoalte Nut Clusters | Vegan | Gluten-free
Chocolate nut clusters, delicious and crunchy treat made of toasted nuts and dark chocolate. Nut clusters are easy treats that can be made literally in minutes.
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Almond cashew and peanuts ladoo
Ladoos made with 3 kinds of nuts and sweetened with dates and figs. A combination of almonds, cashews and peanuts, provide the right amount of nutrients and energy required and instead of sugar i have sweetened with figs and dates.
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Poha, Oats & Peanuts ladoo
Poha-oats and peanut laddo, vegan energy balls made with rice flakes, oats and peanuts. A gluten-free, on the go snack.
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Apple & Oats Energy balls/Ladoos, No Sugar dessert
Apple & oats energy balls, a delicious treat made of fresh apples, oats and nuts , sweetened with dates. These energy balls are easy to make and a great snack on the go.
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Andi unda – Kerala special Rice & Cashew balls
Andi unda, a delicious ladoo made of maata rice, cashews and jaggery. A great evening snack and wonderful gift during festivities.
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Pistachio truffles
An easy to make quick dessert, snack, energy bars or whatever you want to call them. These truffles are packed with loads of nutrients from dates and pistachios combined with coconut.
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Narkol Naru/Sticky coconut balls with pears
A sticky ball of goodness made with dates syrup, pears and coconut. This narkol naru is supposed to be a bengali delicacy, the pears added were a bit of twist from myside. But nevertheless they taste out of the world and takes literally minutes to make!
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Ragi Ladoo/Laddu
Ragi ladoos. roasted ragi flour combined with mixed nuts, jaggery and cococnut to make these delicious energy balls. The ladoos are combined with the nut fat and jaggery is used to sweetened the ladoos.
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Foxtail millet/thinai ladoo
Thinai Ladoos’s/Thinai urundai made of millets, almonds, coconut and jaggery. These ladoos, have no ghee/ white sugar/butter/any oil. The fat content comes from almonds and coconut added to it.
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Dates & Figs ladoo
A deliciuos ladoo made of dried figs, dates, coconut and nuts. The advantage of these energy balls is the sugar comes from the dried fruits and no extra sugar is added. A healthy snack and a lovely gift for festivities.
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Dates & Paneer peda
A quick to make fudge with dates and paneer/indian cottage cheese. Crumbled paneer combined with dates paste, results in this amazing soft and healthy fudge. A great snack to make anytime.
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No Bake Poha, Millet and chocolate Tart
A scrumptious no bake treat. With poha and millet & chocoalte base, filled with labneh, cream cheese and strawberry blended together. A great center piece for parties and a healthy dessert for the calorie conscious.
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