Pepper (Brown) Rice

By Priya Srinivasan - I Camp in My Kitchen - Saturday, March 05, 2011

I m Excited to join Blogging Marathon #3!!!! This time Srivalli has organized it as two Groups. I m in Group-2, and running with 12 other blogger buddies on this Theme Based 7 Day Marathon!!!!! I have decided on the Theme Rice Dishes!!! Planning to post some Quick n Easy Rice Recipes. Please Check out my fellow Marathoner's Divya Vikram HariniJayKamalikallaPadma RekhaPavaniPriya MahadavanPriya SureshSuma GandlurVatsalaVeena Krishnakumar 

1 Cup Brown Rice, Cooked
1 - 2 tsp Ghee/Gingely Oil
1/2 tsp Mustard
1/4 gram dal
1 pod Garlic, thinly sliced
1 tsp Grounded Black Pepper
few Curry leaves
Salt to taste
Toasted Almonds, Coriander Leaves for Garnishing
Heat a Kadai, first dry roast the curry leaves. Add a tsp of Ghee/Oil, Splutter Mustard seeds, add Gram Dal, let it brown. Add Thinly sliced Garlic, fry them. When the garlic turns brown, Add Pepper Powder, Fry it for few seconds, Add Cooked Brown Rice, Crushed Curry leaves and Mix Well. If the Rice mix is Still dry, add another tsp of Ghee/Oil. Add Salt and Combine well. Garnish with Toasted Almonds and Coriander Leaves. Serve Hot with Pappad. We actually had it as such. Brings great relieve to Sore Throat!!!!!! 
I have made this using Brown Rice, you can make it White Rice also!!!!! For Health Reason's and to keep my guilt feeling off!!!! i will be using mostly Brown Rice for all my Rice Recipes!!!!!

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  1. Very interesting Priya, I am yet to try my hand at brown rice..but this must have tasted great.,

  2. Thanks Valli, that was very Quick!!!!

  3. Thats a fabulous rice Priya,would love to have for my lunch.

  4. I like the addition of toasted almonds to the dish.

  5. Perfect recipe 4 ur theme... Lovely and tempting :)

  6. Spiced with pepper...just imagining such and drooling!I am back reading and will be commenting so late, sorry about that!
    Hey and the header is super cool!

  7. Lovely post priya! I love pepper rice and i always go to grand sweets and they give you dhonnais of mixed rice - Yummy!

  8. Go Brown Rice!!! We have become fans of brown basmati rice !! It must have had a nice crunch with chana dal and almonds!

  9. Yummy and perfect rice..delicious.

  10. except steamed brown rice I've never tried any other recipe with brown rice.. ur version looks new to me.. will try this soon!!
    first time here and love to follow u..


  11. I never tried brown rice, I looks healthy.
    Glad to follow you.

  12. Very interesting Priya..never cooked brown rice before..have to look out for it now in supermarket.

  13. That's a delicious way to jazz up brown rice. Will try soon.

  14. wndrful space.....happy followin u..

  15. GLad to run the marathon with you. Recipe with brown rice sounds healthy and delicious.

  16. Looks delicious. My daughter loves brown rice, i will make this:-)

  17. Perfect for the lunch box!


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