Lemon Rice -Variety Rice, Lunch Box Recipe

By Priya Srinivasan - I Camp in My Kitchen - Wednesday, October 17, 2012

 Atlast here i am with the post. Navrathri has begun and i m literally running around the house, sometimes doing something and most of the times not knowing what i am running for. This week my BM theme is Navrathri. so, my first day post is rice neivedhiyam. Normally we offer Rice in the Morning and Sundal/Legume Stir-fry in the evenings. Today i made Lemon Rice, Kesari in the Morning and Chickpea Sundal in the Evening.
2 Cups Cooked Rice
Juice of 2 lemons ( i used small variety)
Salt to taste
Fresh Coriander and Ginger Julienne for Garnishing

2 tbsp Gingely oil (Prefered as it gives a nice aroma)
1/2 tsp mustard seeds
1 tsp gram dal
3-4 red chilies, round variety
1/4 tsp turmeric powder
hing a pinch
2 sprigs of curry leaf
handful of almond silvers

  • Spread the rice on a plate and fluff it with a fork.
  • Heat Oil in a pan, Splutter mustard seeds, throw in curry leaves, gram dal, hing and red chilies.
  • When dal changes color, add almonds and turmeric powder.saute for  30 secs for the almonds to roast.
  • Pour this sizzling tempering on the rice. Mix well.
  • Add Lemon juice, Mix well. Adjust Salt. Garnish with coriander and ginger. Serve Warm with your favorite curry.

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  1. Lemon rice is all time my fav. Yours look delicious

  2. A perfect one that works for both festivals and quick lunches. Looks so colorful.
    I came to know about your baby when I was going thru my old emails. Congrats! How is he doing now? My blessings to him. :)

  3. Our family favourite, love to finish this whole bowl of my fav rice rite now.

  4. Now that I have started cooking rice in different varities.. I am sure I would love to try this one some time soon .. :)

  5. Looks so inviting Priya. Lovely snaps..

  6. an ex colleague used to bring this often during festive periods...it is totally yummy recipe

  7. I am feeling hugey after seeing this

    Event: Dish name starts with P

  8. Love this tangy rice ever...

  9. This is my absolute fav rice dish. I can actually have it everyday :)

  10. simple and delicious rice recipe, looks perfect

  11. My family fav rice.. Make the lemon rice oftenly. Wonderful presentation!

  12. Very apt for the festival season!

  13. This is my fav!Nice one for give aways and for the lunchbox


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