Basundhi - With Love to My Dear Paati!!!!!

By Priya Srinivasan - I Camp in My Kitchen - Sunday, March 13, 2011

Basundhi, most favourite Sweet of  my Dear Grand-Mom. It was her First Anniversary on 8th March, 2011. I made her favourite Sweet as an Offering to her. She was 92 years old. Though it is an year, since she left us, we still couldn't digest the fact, she is not there. I didnt want to keep her Photograph on wall, to keep me reminding that she is no more!!!! 
When i came back here, i brought her saree, which she wore for my brother's engagement. And my brother took her Glasses to keep it as an Memoir/Blessing from her.  She used to wear Nighty @ home, but wore saree for the function. She Loves her grand-son so much!!! Wanted to see his wife, Saw there engagement and passed away after 15 days, even without giving us a sign, that she has received her call. We Humans, always want more of what we have. I Feel, i could have had more time with her. But, whom am i to decide that!!!!!! Hope She is listening to us, Love you Paati!!! We really miss u a lot!!!! 
2 Litres Full Fat Milk
1 Cup Sugar
3-4 tbsp Almond Meal
1/4 Cup Chopped Almonds
1/4 Cup Chopped Pista
2 tsp Cardamom powder(I forgot to add this)
3 pinches of Saffron, Soaked in 2 tbsp of Warm Milk

In a Heavy-bottom Pan, Boil Milk. Simmer the flame, when it begins to boil. Add 2 spoons to  boiling milk to avoid burning of milk. Stir the Milk and Scrape the Pan-Side and return it to the boiling milk. When the Milk reduces to 3/4 of its quantity, add saffron Soaked Milk to this and Sugar. Keep Stirring often and scrape the sides and stir the malai in to the milk.
When Milk reduces to half its quantity, add the almond meal and Chopped nuts and Stir Well. Wait for the milk to Turn Creamy nad Change Colour to a Golden yellow. Switch off the Stove. Serve Chill. Some Like my Hubby might like it warm too!!!! Go ahead and enjoy this Healthy, Creamy n Yummy Dessert!!!
Sending this to AWED-Indian Cuisine, happening @ Taste of Pearl City, Event by DK

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  1. May her soul rest in peace and I am use she is watching and listening to you from wherever she is.

    Basundhi is one of the few indian sweets I use to like when I was growing up and when I did not have a sweet tooth! These days, I like anything sweet.. :) Basundhi looks devine..

  2. I meant divine.. I noticed the typo after clicking post comment and to late to correct it.. :)

  3. Thats fine usha!!! i understood!1

  4. Nice tribute to Patti .
    Basundhi looks so divine

  5. Your post shows that how much you loved your paati..elderly people's blessings always act as a guiding force in our life.

    The basundhi is looking so thick and creamy.

  6. I am drooling here, such a mouth watering basundi.I am coming over. keep some for me.

  7. delicious basundhi looks wonderful

  8. Wat a wonderful tribute to ur grandma priya..Basundi looks absolutely wonderful and yummy..

  9. This bowl of basundi is too tempting to pass!!

    check out the event ..

  10. Nice Recipe..
    Plz do collect the award waiting for u in my awards page

  11. Priya,am touched by your love for your patti.She surely must be very proud of you and definitely must have sampled your basundi unknown to human eyes.
    A doubt- what is almond meal?

  12. Very creamy baasundi and nice way to remmber ur garndma by posting her signature dishes of her.

  13. Wow,my favorite sweet,love the colour of yours! Yummy!

  14. A fitting tribute to a very dear person Priya. I am sure she is much missed by all of you.

  15. Looks really yummy n it anytime..

  16. Basunadi looks yum sure where ever she is ...she must b happy to see this

  17. What a lovely tribute to your grandmother. I never met mine and have always regretted this!! The basundi looks perfect! I am sure your paati loved it!! Like him, we like it warm as well!

  18. Thats a sad thing to happen...may the soul rest in peace. Good way to dedicate this post.

  19. Looks yumm!!

    AS fr yr question, why dont you try replacing eggs with flax powder? Might work. It's just one egg so you may not notice the difference. I have one post that way - eggless chocolate chip cookies. Check it out.

  20. Reading what you have written about your paati reminded mine too. She too wore nighty during the last few years, unable to manage the 9 yards.

    Basundi looks absolutely delicious.

  21. Looks great. I am making it today. Also Priya, if you have any recipes specific to pregnancy would be great. Thanks. I really like the story about your grandma. And dedicating this dish to her is total awesomeness. xoxo.


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