Labneh Sandwich – Carrot, Cucumber & Curd Cheese Sandwich

A week has passed, since we started the Cooking Carnival 2016. My Menu for this week is still the same, Sandwiches
Today recipe, is another fuss-free recipe, except you have to make the cheese overnight. Not much work, just put curd in a cheese cloth and allow it drain overnight in the refrigerator. 
Next day morning, you will have yumm, labneh ready to use. We do get readymade labneh here, but i prefer making my own. 
I have made spiced labneh sometimes back, with coriander and green chilies, labneh is very versatile, you can add your own spices to make it more interesting.
For the filling
1/2 cup Labneh
1/2 a carrot, shredded
1 lebanese cucumber, peeled.
2-3 mint leaves, chopped
 pinches of pepper
1/4 cup pomegranate pearls
salt to taste.
For the sandwich
6 slices of bread (i used brown bread)
butter for toasting the bread
To make Labneh & the Filling
  • Mix 1/2 tsp salt to 3/4 cup of curd. take this in a cheese cloth, bring the edges together, tie it up. Let it sit overnight in the refrigerator on a sieve. Next day morning, carefully open the cheese cloth, remove the labneh to a serve-ware.
  • To this labneh, add shredded carrots, mint leaves, pepper and little salt. Mix well. 

To Make the sandwich
  • Spread 2 tsp of labneh on one slice of bread, add few slices of cucumber on top, sprinkle some pomegranate pearls,  close it with another. Repeat the same with all the slices. 
  • I used peeler and peeled the cucumber into thin strips. You can also cut them into roundels.
  • Heat a tava/pan, toast the sandwiches until crisp with butter. Serve warm with sauce.